What is involved in making a 90 second character explainer animation?

So, you want to get a message to your employees, colleagues or customers that grabs their attention and is informative? Here at Sliced Bread we have proven knowledge of how video and animation campaigns can drive viewer engagement. We know about the benefits of using animation, as we live and breath it every day.

But how does it all work? How does an animation come together? And how long does it take? As we know the process of animation can seem quite daunting to some we’ve broken it down for you and illustrated it in this handy printable PDF. Have a quick peak and download it now!

Infographic on 90 Second Animation Explainer

Communication is crucial, regardless of whether your audience is your workforce, or your customers. Good character animation allows your video to connect more effectively with your target audience, creating an emotional impact that stays them long after – meaning that there is a higher retention of your message. At Sliced Bread we have reputable experience in delivering effective 2D and 3D character animation pieces, and proven knowledge of how video and animation campaigns can drive viewer engagement. We know that the animation process can seem quite complicated, so have broken it down in this handy, printable PDF.

90-second animated videos are an effective strategy that cuts down on information overload and effectively drives engagement. Bite-sized videos are also easier to consume on mobile devices. Whilst animated videos are dynamic and versatile, the smart strategy to get your corporate message across is to reign in the length of videos. Statistical data indicates 90-seconds is the optimum length.

Are your corporate videos too long? Do you need concise and to-the-point animation? Why not drop us an email at info@sbanimation.com, or give us a call on +44 (0)207 148 0526.

Or for a more comprehensive view on “Why Corporate Animation Should Be No Longer Than 90 Seconds” check out this blogpost. Or this handy guide from Vimeo on optimal video lengths for social media.

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