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The future of medical education is in motion graphics animation, and we’re here to help medical professionals take hold of these transformative concepts.

At Sliced Bread Animation, we create engaging, high quality animation and video content for a wide range of pharmaceutical companies and medical professionals looking to make a difference and give their teaching methods a future-proof makeover.

Medical and Healthcare Animation Specialists

Being able to explain complex medical concepts with engaging explainer videos has the potential to make a significant difference within the healthcare industry, improving the quality of training, enhancing research capacities and ensuring procedures are performed efficiently.

With years of experience producing educational animations across multiple sectors, Sliced Bread Animation is well placed to support the creation of valuable, efficient learning experiences no matter what the concept.

Our medical animation services span the production of healthcare explainer videos, interactive educational courses and VR (Virtual Reality) experiences, all designed on a bespoke basis to capture your vision and ensure key concepts are interpreted in the most effective way for your audience.

Medical and Healthcare Animation Benefits

Whether medical animation is used for internal training, patient education, marketing or research, there are countless benefits that quality video production can bring to the medical industry.

  • Visualise the mechanism complexities of science and human anatomy, and better understand complex medical conditions
  • Showcase product features, benefits and advantages
  • Introduce the latest technology and research
  • Improve standard of training for medical businesses and students
  • Improve brand awareness and sustainability
  • Improve engagement and motivation across staff training
  • Educate patients about symptoms and support the management of their condition
  • Save time with a better understanding of the requirements for medical procedures
  • Assist in patient rehabilitation for certain medical conditions

Who We Work With...

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Simplify and Conceptualise Your Medical Processes

There are so many processes in the medical sector that are unnecessarily complex, and with video animation systems, streamlining them is finally made simple. Welcome to the future of healthcare!

Sliced Bread Animation can work with your teams to discuss internal operations and how processes can be made to waste less time, and be more valuable to every user. In turn, this can also make a positive impact on a financial level, meaning the sector as a whole can facilitate better training and invest in quality technological resources.

The Power Of Medical Animation

Medical animation has the power to not only transform your operations, but assist in the longevity of your training offering and provide a better service to your staff and patients.

No longer do medical professionals need to spend valuable time reading complex materials that will be all too difficult to recall after a while; video animation makes information instantly more digestible – and more likely to be retained. Since the brain responds better to visual stimuli, using videos for training that are as immersive as they are interactive can significantly improve how well the information is processed by the user.

Example Medical Explainer Videos & Solutions

The production of medical videos is one of the leading solutions in how complex training is implemented and managed in the healthcare sector. Various types of animations and videos are already being used as training and development resources, in addition to research, communication and patient support products. Discover some example applications of medical animations below.

illustration of brain floating above human hands

VR for Mental Health Practitioners

In this article, we explore how VR and animation play a role in mental health management services.

Part of the solution is being able to make connections in the human brain via simulations, making beneficial changes in how patients react to certain stimuli.

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Mental Health Animation, illustration of brain falling on top of heart

Transforming Lives of People with Disabilities Using VR

Could VR really help paraplegics walk again?

The potential uses of virtual reality products only grow as the technology becomes more advanced. Discover how VR is supporting doctors to better understand and provide treatments for the human body and brain, with solutions applying to autism and stroke as well as physical disability.

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3D Render of a Molecule from a mechanism of action animation

Healthcare & Pharma Communication Projects

Medical animation companies can support a range of projects in the sector, making the solutions immersive, engaging and future-proof.

In this article, we share some examples of healthcare explainer animations, VR products for compliance and medical training as well as pharmaceutical product animation.

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Medical Animation For Training

There are multiple, complex facets in medical education, from understanding medical studies to getting to grips with surgical procedures. Training, therefore, is vital, and needs to be engaging enough to give the student the best opportunity to retain the information.

With medical animation videos, there is a much higher chance that the information will not only be actively absorbed, but retained in the brain for a longer period of time. This is because visual elements in learning are better received, and particularly when it comes to simulations, users can establish more of a connection (on an emotional level) with the information.

Why Choose Sliced Bread Animation for Medical and Healthcare Animation?

As experts in healthcare video production, our team at Sliced Bread Animation has the tools and technologies you need to create learning products with true value and longevity. No matter what your project goals, we can collaborate with you to design training materials, 3D VR experiences and more to enhance your education offering and your medical services.

Get started today and discover how both medical professionals and patients can benefit from bespoke healthcare animations.

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