What can Sliced Bread Animation do for you?

Produce new, exciting marketing animation for your products and services

Enhance your brand messaging with employees and customers

Craft engaging corporate videos for more effective training processes

Think about it...

What if you could communicate your corporate processes and opportunities easily, without the usual hurdles of wordy emails and badly-formatted Powerpoints?

With our animated explainer videos, inspired by your vision and built by our team of creatives, you can expect to see more efficiency, interest and organisation across your business. 

Animation explainer videos enable businesses to penetrate the minds and memories of your employees and customers. Visual content is an effective way of selling products, ideas, and philosophies, together with providing a broader understanding of what lies at the heart of your brand.

A masked thief pulling at wires from a panel in the wall

Discover the Benefits of Bespoke Animated Explainer Videos

At Sliced Bread Animation, we create leading animated explainer videos that effectively conceptualise challenging processes and tell your story in a simple, yet innovative manner.

As an award-winning, London-based animation and technology studio, we don’t just focus on engaging communication. Our animated explainer videos are versatile, immersive and creative, helping you to create something for your team that is not only memorable, but speaks to you as a brand.

We have an unrivalled reputation for offering complete and seamless digital project management, creating bespoke, multi-platform digital content.

Who We Work With...

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Engage & Inspire with Animated Explainer Videos

A still from a 2D animation showing a basket of tomatoes on a table in a garden with the text 'So how does it work?'

Communicate Complex Messages

With animated explainer videos, communication is made simple. Whether you are using videos for instruction, marketing, processes or to display your products and services, video allows you to quickly share any message in an easily accessible way for your audience.

A still from a 2D animation showing a plant production process with the text 'join us on our digital journey'

Make it Something To Remember

Explainer videos are about more than simply explaining. With clever animations put together by our expert team, you can create a video product that is larger than life and true to your brand personality. It’s an effective way to make sure your message is communicated and remembered.

UNIQA Character on a cloud in heaven

Create, Distribute and Rework

At Sliced Bread Animation, we’re all about recycling. Once one animation has been created for you, it’s easy to reuse it in another video you might like to create in the future. You can adapt any product we produce to suit different audiences or discuss different processes. Once the animation is ready, the rest is simple.

A still from a 2D animation of a person's thumb on a scanner with an image of the scan on a screen next to the scanner and the words 'Control and Accountability' below

Benefiting Operational Efficiency

If your business needs to streamline its operations, there’s no better way than to incorporate explainer videos into your company-wide messaging. Transform your operations by removing the need for hours of training time, inconsistencies with rules and general uncertainty. One explainer video can go a seriously long way.

Healthcare & Medical Animation

A still from a 3D mechanism of action animation

We have produced hundreds of clever animations for several pharmaceutical and healthcare clients. From helping to inform patients about their conditions to displaying safety processes and explaining medical mechanisms for staff, our videos effectively communicate important regulations within healthcare.

This style of animation, viewers are provided with a virtual insight into how advances in pharmaceutical research works.


A 2D animated stil of a lady with a thought bubble showing a lock

Within Fast Moving Consumer Goods, we have had a wealth of experience creating bespoke video  animation products. Games, security information, commercials, staff training and more, the FMCG sector is a quickly adapting space in need of smart video explainers.

Explaining the “why” with animation enforces understanding and builds trust. Moreover, people are more willing to respond in a positive way when they can comprehend the purpose.

Construction & Engineering

A character being electrocuted from a plug being left in a puddle at a construction site

The majority of our construction and engineering projects have been focussed around health and safety campaigns. We have worked with a number of large clients in this sector, helping them to communicate important regulations and key stages of safety training for work with machinery and transport.

As an example, Leading Safety Conversations techniques equipped Thameslink managers to inclusively ask questions and raise concerns, which in turn created an ‘Involving Culture’ within the organisation.

Two Trucks on a One Road from a Factory to the City that Loops

Conceptualise Challenging Processes Through Animation

At Sliced Bread Animation, it’s our mission to transform your message and vision into a compelling story that captivates your audience. Combining engaging visuals, informative content and with a collaborative effort between our creators and our clients, we create truly bespoke explainer videos that never fail to meet our clients’ briefs.

Our award-winning developers and creators work tirelessly to transform what is initially a complex process or idea into a streamlined, sleek and sophisticated explainer video. Keeping your brand personality and vision in mind, the final product will be unmistakably yours, bringing together your knowledge and creativity into a product that you can use company-wide. We also post industry related content to our LinkedIn company page, why not give us a follow?

See Our Work In Action

Since the early 2000’s, we have been crafting bespoke explainer videos for a range of clients. Enjoy some of our professional video production examples here.

A graphic showing a compass, a target, a puzzle, a rocketship and a stopwatch with a play button over the top
A still from a 3D animated mechanism of action animation with factor cell floating around and with a play button over the image
digital environment with a shady figure in the foreground, the crown jewels in the distant centre and people walking and standing around with a play button symbol over the image