Healthcare & Pharma Communication Projects

We make it our mission to transform our clients’ requirements into immersive 3D medical animation that captivate and engages your target audiences.

We partner with clients such as Merck, Novartis, Takeda, GSK, and the NHS to help them visualise their messages. We have an extensive history and understanding of healthcare industry.

We know how important it is to breakdown the requirements and deliver them economically without compromising the quality. We work fast and smart to deliver measurable results on time and on budget, ensuring each client receives exceptional and cost effective creative digital content.

Medical Mechanism of Action

We have a significant history of creating medical ‘Mechanism of Action’ (MoA) animations for several pharmaceutical and healthcare clients. This type of 3D animation, allows viewers to really see for themselves how a device or product interacts with the complex mechanisms of the body, providing a virtual insight into how advances in pharmaceutical research work.

Through mechanism of action animations we are able to illustrate complicated products, and educate and reassure patients about their medical conditions. Through a directive voice-over and compelling storytelling, medical animation is a very effective medium for communicating complex or important healthcare messages.

Medical Mechanism of Action animations are the easiest and most effective way to show how a pharmaceutical product works inside the body, allowing the patient or healthcare professional can clearly see how the drug interacts with the body.

Diabetes Voyager – Oculus Rift VR

To promote learning and understanding of the management of diabetes. We created an Oculus Rift project called ‘Diabetes Voyager’, utilising Xbox Kinect. Our main role was the creation of the in-game 3D models, animation and lighting using Maya and Unity. The game allowed the user to travel inside the body of a diabetic patient, where they visited the heart, brain and vascular system, and faced key challenges related to diabetes management.

Diabetes Voyager is an educational, 360 degree, virtual reality experience created to highlight the challenges faced by HCPs in diabetes management. Using Oculus Rift and Microsoft Kinect technology, we designed and developed a full virtual reality environment. The Voyager teleports you inside the body of a patient, where you are challenged to improve the patient’s control of their diabetes – a task that takes you on a journey through the heart, vascular system and brain.

300 delegates streamed onto the stand to experience the Voyager during the three-day conference, totalling 35 hours of captivating virtual reality existence.

Patient Story 360 VR Animation

To help launch a treatment for individuals living with primary immunodeficiency, a leading pharmaceutical company wanted a 360 animation to showcase the product. We produced a film showing what the character’s life was like on her old treatment, and how using subcutaneous treatment has benefited her.

This animation tells an interesting patient story from a unique perspective of Sonja, who is currently living with primary immunodeficiency and the key message emphasises the advantages of switching to the new treatmeant. As a result of using it, Sonja is able to go about her daily life without letting the illness interfere.

For Sonja’s character, we initially drew up multiple designs and styles, so that the client could choose one. Then, Sonja’s character was built in 3D and rigged for animation. In addition, we decorated the room with bright-coloured walls and photographs, making the room feel like a real young person’s room so the user is immersed in the VR experience. After the two-month long project, the 360 film has been successful and well-received with event attendees and our client.

Panoramic screenshot of the environment in the Takeda Patient Story VR experience

Syngenta – Compliance Animation

This animated film for Syngenta takes the viewer through the emotional dilemma that occurs when an employee, Carlos, observes a colleague’s wrong-doing that results in preventing others from completing their tasks successfully.

Carlos’ story is told through his drawings about his experience using a mixture of live-action and whiteboard animation, whereas the actual compliance process that shows a solution to his problem is told through the means of traditional 2D animation, using a slick and clean style that explains the process well and doesn’t distract – it keeps the viewer focused on this sensitive issue.

We worked with a hand model to create the live action sequence seen upfront where Carlos places his Syngenta cap down on a desk before starting to draw. This lead nicely into the hand drawn whiteboard part of video as it makes it clear to the audience that Carlos himself is narrating and drawing his story.

Whiteboard Sketches of People Arguing, a Dying Plant a Graph and a Watch
Drawing on a Sketchbook of a Man Holding Compass and Thinking About Growth

Virtual VR Heart Valve

A fully immersive, multisensory virtual reality experience within the hearts of aortic stenosis patients. Virtual reality provides great potential for new approaches to learning and understanding in the corporate event space, and in this particular instance, and understanding of the condition.

Cardiovascular professionals queued at the stand and in the experience room to access the experience, showing a real interest in the Virtual Valve. Using iPads to collect feedback afterwards proved invaluable with ratings scoring over 90% and individuals providing comments such as ‘Tremendous’, ‘Nothing less than amazing’, ‘Super-marvellous and inspirational’, ‘Great to see the anatomy in a new way. Really innovative!’

Virtual Valve won 4 awards at the PM Digital Awards, including Gold for HCP education and support.

Wireless Medical Device – Animation Explainer

We created an animation to support the explanation of a web-based patient data management system used by a leading pharmaceutical company that allows patients to create health reports based on their experience, and share them with their doctor.

We created an award-winning, patient focused animation, using a 3D flat infographic style. Its objective is to set out the simplistic process of using the electronic injection device with the platform. It seeks to to alleviate concerns around personal data storage and also highlight the advantages of the process, which essentially opens up more time with consultants. Out of the main film, we were also able to create a number of additional films to support an iPad application.

Screenshot from the MSdialog animated explainer video

If you are unfamiliar with the virtual reality production process, this blog post What to expect when you work on a project with Sliced Bread might serve to help you, it provides a complete guide on how we typically approach our projects, from concept to final delivery. It also provides information on how we structure our fees and plan the production schedule. Or feel free to drop us an email at You can also view our LinkedIn business page here.

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