Oculus Developer Mode Set Up Guide

Here at Sliced Bread Animation, we’ve worked on a range of different immersive VR experiences, from venturing inside the human heart to fire safety training in the workplace. In order to create these experiences, we need to use what’s called the ‘Developer Mode’ on the oculus headset.

The developer mode allows us to ‘sideload’ our projects, which means we can get our content onto the Oculus without having to go through the Oculus store. The Developer Mode is a great setting that makes it easier for us to create these virtual worlds. However the process of turning on developer mode on the Oculus is more complicated than it sounds. So here is our guide for setting up developer mode on your headset.

Before we begin, this guide is for those who already have an Oculus Quest 2 set up, which means an already established Facebook account and a linked Oculus account and app.

The first step to take is to go on to the ‘Oculus Developer Center’ then click on the word ‘Resources’ that is at the top of the webpage.

Screenshot from the Oculus Developers Hub

On the left hand side of the page will be a number of different options, click on the words ‘Manage Account’. This should now reveal a drop down with a few more options, you now need to click on ‘Create Account & Org’.

Screenshot of the Create an Organisation page of the Oculus Developers hub

You’ll now be able to see a detailed guide on organisations and users, however to set up your own developer account you just need to pay attention to the section titled ‘Create an Organisation’. Click on the link that’s given in step 1 and this should take you to a page called ‘Create an Organisation’. This will take you to the Oculus developer hub where you can create your developer account.

To create a developer account you need to create an organisation and verify your account, both of which are necessary to turn on developer mode. To create an organisation you’ll need to find the ‘account manager’ in the oculus developers dashboard. The organisation name is only important if you choose to sell what you make commercially, however if this isn’t the case then you can put whatever you like as the organisation name.

Two screenshots from the Oculus Developer hub

Next you’ll need to verify your account, this can be done by either adding your card details, or by setting up two factor authentication using a phone number; pick whichever works best for you. You should be notified on the web page, or by email if you were successfully verified.

Screenshot of the verification Process on the Oculus Developers Hub

If you have correctly set up a developer account then you can now turn your Quest 2 on to ‘Developer Mode’. To do this all you need to do is go on to the oculus app and head to the menu. Then go to devices and find your headset, click on the headset you’d like to turn on to developer mode and scroll down to the settings. You should see the option ‘Developer Mode’, click on this then slide the button to turn it on!

3 iPhone Screenshots of the Oculus app with Red circles Highlighting how to Turn Developer Mode on

You have now set up Developer Mode on your Oculus Quest 2.

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