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Given the nature of production, planning all the asset requirements is key. Unlike linear animation, where everything is built to camera, here you build for the environment. That means many more assets and detail and you’ll need to balance that with performance constraints (polygon count etc.). You won’t want to compromise the experience either, VR projects are not particularly cheap to produce and against the investment, you’ll want to be sure the end-user walks away with lasting memory of their experience.

What we did

A fully immersive, multisensory virtual reality experience within the hearts of aortic stenosis patients. Virtual reality provides great potential for new approaches to learning and understanding in the corporate event space, and in this particular instance, and understanding of the condition.

Cardiovascular professionals queued at the stand and in the experience room to access the experience, showing a real interest in the Virtual Valve. Using iPads to collect feedback afterwards proved invaluable with ratings scoring over 90% and individuals providing comments such as ‘Tremendous’, ‘Nothing less than amazing’, ‘Super-marvellous and inspirational’, ‘Great to see the anatomy in a new way. Really innovative!’

Virtual Valve uses Oculus Rift’s revolutionary virtual reality headsets combined with motion sensor technology to enable hundreds of delegates to experience travelling through the aortic arch into the heart with full, life-like HD 360 degree vision. Once inside, they were able to explore the left ventricle and interact with the experience to simulate levels of aortic stenosis and assess the impact of this condition on the patient’s heart.

Virtual Valve won 4 awards at the PM Digital Awards 2016, including Gold for HCP education and support.

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Virtual Valve also had the honour of achieving the highest scoring entry in the entire awards. This project impressed the panel by its effective use of VR technology to achieve clear educational goals with a definite wow factor!

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Virtual valve, 3D heart with text and graphic overlay showing systolic pressure, wall thickness, aortic jet velocity
VR 3D model of naked elderly man with lungs and heart visible in see through body and graphic overlay, severe pulmonary hypertension
Virtual valve, 3D heart with text and graphic overlay showing systolic pressure, wall thickness, aortic jet velocity