Liven Up Internal Comms With Animated Explainer Videos

When you launch a new product, your employees need to understand the features and benefits better than your customers. Engaging and informative content has become a primary focus in marketing. Marketers are actively sharing advice, tips and strategies to unknown readers with a view to helping customers understand your brand and your products. Internal communicators should also be using the same strategy.

According to a study performed by Tolero Solutions, 45% of people say they lack trust in their leaders. Furthermore, the lack of trust is impacting the overall performance of a company.

Subsequently, the role of internal communicators becomes all the more important. The task is to engage employees to motivate them and rebuild trust in the company and its products. To remedy internal issues, companies are turning to animation to create explainer videos. Animation is more engaging, informative, and sticks in the memory. They are also much more fun to watch than a human being talking about a topic that is typically dry and boring.

There are also numerous ways in which you can deploy animation around internal communications. Using animated videos to explain the features and benefits of your products is an effective way to educate your staff.

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Internal Marketing

When brands launch new products, getting your staff on board is one of the first priorities, yet few firms fail to dedicate sufficient time and resources into ensuring employees fully understand the product. It is usually the case that the only exposure employees have of a knew product is the same marketing materials that are pitched to customers. That’s fine if you want to give your staff a general overview. But you should be getting them excited about the future.

A company is only as good as its staff and employees need motivating in order to be on top of their game. Animated explainer videos present companies with a powerful communication tool that helps develop the brand from the inside out. The old marketing adage about customers needing seven touchpoint to remember a brand is also true of employees. Internal communicators should therefore be looking to publish content that is cohesive and promotes your company’s brand values.

In essence, internal comms is, or should be, internal marketing. And animated video is a powerful solution that enables you to disseminate important information that individual will remember. People remember 55% more information that is accompanied by compelling visuals.

Videos subsequently speed up the training process. What would ordinarily take several weeks of training through traditional methods can be finalised in a matter of days. The videos are also ever-present for employees to refer back to.

Content v Tools

Decision makers are beginning to realise that keeping employees happy is as important as engaging customers. And employees value company culture and leadership even more than their salary. Internal communications has been around for decades, but has risen in prominence over the last couple of years. Today, the landscape has changed dramatically with a host of tools on offer.

Both Facebook (Workplace) and Microsoft (Teams) have launched products designed to improve collaboration and internal comms. But the most important aspect for the creators of internal content is to produce material your fellow employees will engage with.

The starting point is to determine the requirements of the company and the needs of its employees. No amount of software and tools will shape a relevant message for you. Intranets and business hubs may not be the most popular platforms either, but when you populate these tools with engaging content, your audience are more inclined to visit. Vidyard declares that video “reigns” as the best tool for internal comms. According to their study, 54% of IC professionals say their employees don’t just video – they expect video!

Communication is a two-way street. All too often information is passed from the top down, but the front line is not given a voice. If companies are intent on investing in collaboration tools, why not get the most out the platforms and share ideas from top to bottom and vice versa.

Animated videos promote discussion and dialogue which subsequently cascades into people sharing ideas. Given internal communications can have a positive impact on your marketing and improving your products, it makes sense to have a catalyst that inspires people.

Regardless of the message you want to get across to your staff, animated videos instil brand values, beliefs and concepts in a consistent and timely fashion. The more your employees understand your product and your brand, the better equipped they are to improve your business.

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