FMCG Marketing & Communication Projects

We make it our mission to transform our clients’ requirements into compelling stories that captivate and engage target audiences. We partner with clients such as Reckitt, Unilever, Danone, Nestlé, and Coca-Cola to help them visualise their messages. We have an extensive history and understanding of immersive animation processes.

We know how important it is to breakdown the requirements and deliver them economically without compromising the quality. We work fast and smart to deliver measurable results on time and on budget, ensuring each client receives exceptional and cost effective creative digital content.

Coca-Cola Facebook Game

We built a complete online dance game for Coca-Cola within Facebook – delivering against all the objectives – including integration in Coca-Cola’s server, built on an Oracle database and adhering to their security procedures. It had the following objectives:

  • Share your progress and invite friends to play the game and join the Dance of Happiness.
  • Dance and make connections with others to unlock new dance moves and gain experience points
  • The more teens connect with others, the more points they earn and new dance moves they unlock. The more points they earn, the more virtual and real life rewards they can win e.g. merchandise, festival tickets, ultimate beach party etc.

We designed fully customisable 3D avatars, which worked within six different music and clothing styles. 120 individual dance moves were animated. We also created, illustrated and animated all the backgrounds and the dance arena in 2D vector graphic. Using rendered components from Maya we then created 3D animated flash assets and generated over 248,000 separate rendered sequences to be implemented for the game play using our asset management scripts.

The game was a great success and attracted over 479,000 active users in only the first weeks alone.

As a part of the campaign we also created an Android game for Google Play, this was a slimmed down version of the Facebook game – six music styles with nine difficulty levels. It featured ‘Bump’ technology that allowed players to unlock bonus moves when connecting with other users.

View example here:

Soft & Gentle TV Commercial

Our brief was to create a highly effective 20” TV spot to promote the Soft & Gentle’s feminine hygiene range across mainstream TV channels.

The client approached us with a style of illustration that they thought was best suited for the commercial’s message; an inked hand drawing, with minimal use of water colour,  combined with real life petals that were put on top of the illustration which were then photographed for the final illustration output.

We then storyboarded the rose petals floating through the air to form the dancer’s skirt. Several dance versions were presented and the chosen was worked up into an animation. We created 3D animation of the realistic looking rose petals around the 2D animation, which was drawn first. The next 2 scenes followed the same process and we then pieced everything together to the final ad.

The turnaround time for this commercial was 3 weeks, from commission to final delivery. The commercial was very successful and helped increase sales by 300%. Its launch was described as ‘phenomenal’, which made everybody involved in the process very happy indeed.

Soft and Gentle Women's Deodorant advert showing 3 products with two women in the background with the companies logo, its website, social media handles and the text 'Find us in the feminine hygiene aisle'

Syngenta – Information Security

Hitachi Rail introduced one of the world’s first battery fleets in Japan in 2016, building on their innovative bi-mode fleets operating across the UK, and they want to bring this new generation of battery trains to Europe. To support the promotion of these new trains, we were commissioned to create a two-minute animation to explain its new features and benefits.

Hitachi provided us with a script and we storyboarded an engaging film to support the various key business objectives. We wanted to communicate a fluid seamless journey from start to finish in order to highlight how accessible and versatile the trains are. We were also able to acquire the CAD files of the trains to ensure accurate representation of their construction.

2D animated gif of a thief hacking in to sensitive information

Communicating transformation and change

A whiteboard animation for a leading medical nutrition company. The purpose of the video is to explain simply company changes, and illustrate future goals and objectives.

There’s no doubt that COVID-19 has brought around significant corporate change in areas that were already undergoing restructuring due to AI, machine learning, and robotics. Explainer animations are the perfect way to explain and distill key message, and onboard teams with the company’s future vision.

Hardees – Tapplet Games

We created 4 online HTML5 games for Hardee’s Restaurants in the Middle East. Games needed to be designed to be played on tablet devices using toy figures, and an access code supplied with the kids meals.

It was important to our client that we create four fully functional HTML5 games, but keep the costs within budget. With this in mind, we developed two HTML5 game templates, creating two ‘skins’ (illustrated assets) for each one. Once these were in place, we put the two skins on the templates they were designed for, creating four separate games. Working this way, we were able to produce four uniquely styled games, but keep costs and development time down.

We devised the concepts and gameplay for all four of the HTML5 games, giving each five levels of difficulty, with various powerups and obstacles along the way. The first two games, Juice Buster and Chop ‘N’ Chop, involve gameplay where the player must slice either fruit or vegetables to fill a receptacle, with Juice Buster being set in the jungle, and Chop ‘N’ Chop having oriental imagery. We designed the two other games as car driving experiences, one, Crossroad Causeway, has an urban setting, and the other, Off-Road Dune Racer, is set in the desert.

Smith News

An elearning application that utilises functionality in order to provide a rich media content experience, and is compatible with mobile and tablet devices.

This diverse and engaging interactive application provides a comprehensive guide to Health and Safety procedures that needs to be adhered to throughout the business environment.

It combines humour, problem solving through gameplay, and animated scenarios to educate staff. Interactive multiple choice questions provide a far more challenging and absorbent learning method, resulting in quality information retention.

The application is standalone but can also be integrated into an Learning Management System that supports SCORM.

View example here:

Still from Health and Safety Training Game

If you are unfamiliar with the animation production process, this blog post What to expect when you work on a project with Sliced Bread might serve to help you, it provides a complete guide on how we typically approach our projects, from concept to final delivery. It also provides information on how we structure our fees and plan the production schedule.

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