Why Are Animated Explainer Videos So Effective?

Video content now makes up a huge part of what it means to be online, and more than even before, businesses are finding new ways to interact with new audiences through video production. With social media platforms like TikTok encouraging such a rapid turnover of video content, it’s not surprising that companies are quickly slotting various types of video content creation into their marketing strategies.

But why, as consumers and viewers of these videos, do we find them so compelling? What does video marketing have that traditional marketing doesn’t? In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the reasons why videos, particularly animated explainer videos, are becoming so widely used and are so effective with such a wide pool of viewers.

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What are the Benefits of Explainer Videos?

Now we know a little more about why explainer videos are so effective, let’s consider some of their other key benefits.

1. Improve the Clarity of Your Message

Few of us would choose to spend hours reading reams of text over watching a much shorter, more exciting video. Explainer videos help to get the same message across in a much shorter time, giving your viewers more of an opportunity to understand and really process the story you are trying to tell. Making sure your message or story is clear, concise and engaging is exactly what explainer videos are made for. It is much simpler to convey an action, for example, with an animation of somebody performing that action, than it is to describe it with text.

2. Engage with Your Audience Through Storytelling

Stories with a structure and a clear progression are also more memorable than just lists of information. Not only that, but they’re engaging, too. An animated explainer video can detail even extremely complex processes and ideas in a more accessible way using storytelling. They can use real-life examples, showcase quick-fire solutions and demonstrate do’s and don’ts in simple graphics. By focussing on the key information and directing stories and examples at your specific audience, your video becomes instantly more engaging and relevant.

3. Videos Enhance Conversion Rates

If you’re looking to boost your conversion rate, telling your story through video animation might be the answer. As previously mentioned, videos can help to increase the memorability of your brand, therefore having an impact on brand awareness as a whole. This might seem like a small step, but overtime as your credibility increases, more and more of your prospects will be ready to convert sooner.

Having already heard of your brand and potentially engaged with some of your video content, your potential buyers will be well primed to select and purchase your product or service. Getting animated explainer videos out there can help you speed up the steps in the sales process leading to a decision and finally, a conversion.

4. Explainer Videos Provide Opportunity for Viral Interactions

Sharing your animated explainer videos on social media platforms is a great way to increase interactions and boost your following. Plus, there’s always the chance that your video will go viral. Professionally designed video animation can work wonders in the social media space, generating genuine interest in your brand, giving consumers the opportunity to share with their own circles and giving your business greater authority.

5. Google Rewards Animated Marketing Videos

When it comes to impressing the search engines, videos definitely have the upper hand. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the practice of adapting the landing pages on your site to best fit the user’s specific search intent and outshine your competitors. Doing this well means search engines like Google will see you as a higher authority, giving you a better chance of appearing high in the search engine rankings.

Video content is regarded as extremely authoritative by Google, and so having videos appear on your priority landing pages can play a key part in how your website performs organically.

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Types of Explainer Videos

Unsure what type of explainer video you’d like to get started with? Here’s a list of some of the popular types of video we can help build here at Sliced Bread Animation.

  • Introductions: These videos work well in any sector. Introduce your brand, product or team members in a smooth and engaging way.
  • Processes: Implementing a new process? Creating a step-by-step animated explainer is a great way to ensure things are kept consistent and that your entire network understands the new rules put in place.
  • Tutorials: Video tutorials can be a fantastic way to share information quickly and comprehensively. Elearning is extremely popular in sectors such as healthcare, where there are important training courses to follow.
  • Company Culture: A good explainer video is fun, engaging and offers a lot of creative freedom. Share your unique culture in a captivating way and explore ways to keep the videos exciting and tailored to you.
  • Corporate Explainer Video: Many businesses use corporate videos to discuss a product, service or new business direction. Keep things light and fresh with a professional video to support your meeting.
  • Internal Communication Animated Explainer Videos: Even internal communications can benefit from a little animation. Maintain the attention of your staff network with something more engaging. Storytelling goes much further when it’s done in a new and tasteful way.
  • Social Media Videos: Adding videos to your marketing mix can be extremely beneficial, and social platforms are the place to do it. Link the video through to your homepage or key product landing page for even more traction.
  • Product Animation Videos: Looking to improve sales or awareness of a single product? Give your potential customers the key messages about your product that you don’t want them to forget. Professional product animation videos bring your product to life.
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Tell Us About Your Project

Looking to build an animated explainer video for your business audience? Get your message across in a simple and interactive way with animated storytelling and motion graphics. An animated video will be sure to engage your target audience, bring direct attention to your product or service and may even boost conversion rates depending on your strategy.

At Sliced Bread Animation, we have years of experience transforming our clients’ messages and brand visions into compelling stories that captivate their customers. Try video animation today and see how video marketing could alleviate your pain points and bring more people to your brand.

Tell us about your project here and we’ll help you get started.

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