Mechanism-of-Action Medical Animation

Again working with the award winning healthcare digital agency Emotive, we created this mechanism-of-action (MoA) CGI medical animation. With this type of 3D animation, viewers can see for themselves how it interacts with the complex mechanisms of the body, providing a virtual insight into how advances in pharmaceutical research really works.

Rendered on our in-house render farm as multi-layered full HD, and then composited in post-production, we use advance technological practices along with our 3D expertise, to ensure a technically-accurate, visually immersive experience is met.

Medical marketing aims might include patient engagement, product explainers, education about medical conditions and patient education. Through a directive voice-over and compelling storytelling, medical animation can be a very effective medium for communicating complicated, or important healthcare messages. Viewers are not overwhelmed by text, and are therefore more inclined to absorb key visual information points. This is particularly important when illustrating complicated medical concepts or conditions.

Healthcare marketing is an area where people are not always ready to give their full attention, so animation can make this more appealing. A message presented through medical and healthcare animation is proven to capture attention, give a clear explanation, whilst also being entertaining.

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