How Animation Drives Social Engagement

Social media has become a key driver in any marketing plan for businesses. It’s fast, cost effective, and allows you to connect with your consumers on a personal level much more successfully than any other marketing channel.

We know our social channels need to look good, and host interesting content,  but the question for most people is: how do we effectively engage with our viewers and followers? Online users crave conversation, and it’s your job to spark discussion.

Network Rail Safety Culture Journey Social, whiteboard animation showing meeting about safety at work processes

90% of social users say that seeing a video about a product helps in the purchase decision process, therefore driving sales. Knowing this, and that animated videos increase conversion rates by 20%, can you afford not to be making the most of this stronghold in social marketing?

Animation grabs people’s attention, and allows you to be even more creative with your campaign. You can create scenes a camera could never shoot, and of course, at a fraction of the cost of real-live filming. The creativity opportunities this throws into the brainstorm are endless.

If your business is selling a service, the best way to explain and showcase what you are offering is through animation. It allows you to show the viewer the benefits of coming to you, rather than just telling them. You can illustrate your brand personality easily and effectively on social media, and turn tweets into clicks and conversation.

Another reason to use animated videos in your brand’s social media presence is the users’ ability to share your content – a massive 92% of mobile video viewers share videos they have seen online with others on social media. Make sure it’s your video people are sharing, and easily expand your campaigns reach, and further your social engagement.

An Astronaut, a Nurse and a Construction Worker sat in a Kumon Classroom

Think about it: the average person see hundreds of tweets and Facebook posts daily, so to stand out from all the others you need something more than 140 characters. You need something to grab their attention, and show your message quickly and efficiently. Adding animation to your social channels will mean more clicks, more engagement and more conversation.

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