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We have an extensive history and understanding of e-learning and animation production. We know how important it is to breakdown the requirements and deliver them economically without compromising quality. We work fast and smart to deliver measurable results on time and on budget, ensuring each client receives exceptional and cost effective creative digital learning content.

Fire Safety Training (VR)

Fire safety legislation places fire safety responsibilities on employers and employees. Everyone has a responsibility to ensure they have regard for the safety of themselves and their colleagues, patients, and visitors.

Fire Safety VR Training is designed to:

  • Promote understanding of the nature of fire and why fires start
  • Show what measures to take to prevent fires from starting
  • Teach how to identify fire-related equipment and signs
  • Show how to act in the event of fire in the workplace

We created 8 interactive modules that take users through simulated workplace settings. The goal of the project is to bring the staff skills training world into VR and provide retentive and engaging learning.

This VR experience uses the Oculus Quest headset and integrates with any Learning management Systems using xAPI.

There are many examples of high level clinical training demonstrations utilizing VR in healthcare but we researched that there is a gap in the market for the technology in the more day to day, and much higher volume, aspects of workforce development.

A VR bedroom scene with a bed, bedside table and lamp, armchair and four fire extinguishers with the text 'Some people on site have specific responsibilities during a fire. If the fire alarm sounds at your service, who should do what?'

Risk Advisory – Safe Traveller

Safe Traveller is a 90-minute online elearning application that allows corporate security and HR managers to rapidly and effectively roll out a highly cost effective and engaging travel security training programme across their travelling workforce.

At the end of each of 5 modules users must complete an evaluation exercise designed to enhance as well as test the knowledge they have acquired. Safe Traveller allows corporate security and HR managers to rapidly and effectively roll out a highly cost effective and engaging travel security training programme across their travelling workforce.

Safe Traveller features a bespoke LMS (E-Learning Management System), built using PHP, allowing clients to administer their own employees’ access to the course, and to track their progress and results. The content has also been repurposed for deployment through SCORM-compliant Learning Management Systems, allowing it to be used within existing internal training systems. This also went through rigorous security checks with some of Risk Advisory’s financial clients.

Risk Advisory Safe Traveller Online Training Learning 5-Steps, module 1, taking control from the start

Teachers First – Lengo App

Teachers First is an app for registered Egyptian teachers, it has been helping to initiate, continue and sustain teacher behavioural change and professional development across 27 governorates through different phases.

As expansion of this we were commissioned to overhaul the Teachers First (Lengo) Credit smartphone application. The existing app was Android only and unsupported with the new Lengo web based application. Our first process was to review the current site and define the full navigation landscape. We then looked at areas of user experience ‘savings’ and designed an application that was robust enough to support a much larger user group, particularly because our build required Android and iOS compatibility.

The method on how to Give & Get credits to others is by scanning others unique QR code or the number on the card or can be located inside the app sidebar in My Card. They can also give credits to the user.

The app will be supported for iOS and Android and created to capture QR codes and scan NFC tags, which will record the entry to a users profile.

Imagine Education said: “Sliced Bread built a bespoke commercial enterprise version of our TF Toolkit evaluation education platform that is being rolled out to teachers in Egypt. The nature of the project meant that the ability to follow an agile development schedule was of the utmost importance, and Sliced Bread went above and beyond to accommodate us in this respect, suggesting processes and a pipeline that allowed the project to progress efficiently.

The platform has already been a huge success and is continuing to grow its user base. So far we have had 650,000 teachers complete the elearning course and create their personalised development plan. We are already talking to Sliced Bread about next steps for other products within our education platform offering.”

5 phones each showing different parts of the Teachers First app

Diabetes Voyager – Oculus VR

To promote learning and understanding of the management of diabetes. We created an Oculus Rift project called ‘Diabetes Voyager’, utilising Xbox Kinect. Our main role was the creation of the in-game 3D models, animation and lighting using Maya and Unity. The game allowed the user to travel inside the body of a diabetic patient, where they visited the heart, brain and vascular system, and faced key challenges related to diabetes management.

Diabetes Voyager is an educational, 360 degree, virtual reality experience created to highlight the challenges faced by HCPs in diabetes management. Using Oculus Rift and Microsoft Kinect technology, we designed and developed a full virtual reality environment. The Voyager teleports you inside the body of a patient, where you are challenged to improve the patient’s control of their diabetes – a task that takes you on a journey through the heart, vascular system and brain.

300 delegates streamed onto the stand to experience the Voyager during the three-day conference, totalling 35 hours of captivating virtual reality existence.

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Code of Conduct Training

We create code of conduct training for a leading global pharmaceutical company with over 50,000 people employed worldwide, therefore it is of the utmost importance to them as a business that every employee behaves ethically and responsibly within their daily work.

To help support them in this endeavour we created an HTML5 module to provide training for their employees, in order for them to on-board them on their new Code of Conduct (CoC).

The training is delivered through interactive activities such as drag-and-drop, pathfinding, treasure hunts, and matching pairs, using gamification to make the the learning experience fun while allowing for a high level of information retention. Comic strips of real ethical dilemmas faced by employees were also used to align the training with real world scenarios.

User results are tracked and posted via SCORM to their learning profile on their e-learning management system. The module was translated into 20 languages, and rolled out across the company globally.

Colourful Map with '#LOVED' Above it

If you are unfamiliar with the e-learning management system process, this blog post What to expect when you work on a project with Sliced Bread might serve to help you, it provides a complete guide on how we typically approach our projects, from concept to final delivery. It also provides information on how we structure our fees and plan the production schedule.

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