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We make it our mission to transform our clients’ requirements into compelling stories that captivate and engage target audiences. We partner with clients such as Network Rail, Hitachi Rail, Costain, Airbus, and MTR to help them visualise their messages. We have an extensive history and understanding of immersive animation processes.

We know how important it is to breakdown the requirements and deliver them economically without compromising the quality. We work fast and smart to deliver measurable results on time and on budget, ensuring each client receives exceptional and cost effective creative digital content.

MTR Corporation – Health and Safety Animation

Safety is a critical priority for MTR Corporation. A central issue of concern is that not all workers are aware of safety procedures, or have not completed the necessary safety training. They inevitably come from a number of different countries, meaning that language can act as a barrier to effective training. Furthermore, cultural perceptions of safety and the consequences of incidents differ hugely.

To bring this message home to workers across the network, a short film was proposed that visually highlights the importance of a proactive safety culture, following safety procedures and – ultimately – emphasising the life-changing or even fatal consequences if hazardous situations are overlooked or not understood.

View example here of the MTR health and safety animation here.

Two Construction Men Crossing the Road and the Second One Gets Hit by a Truck

Network Rail – Time2Talk Health & Safety Campaign

Safety Conversations is about creating a positive environment where employees can openly discuss and discover how to make ourselves and others safer. It is a means of identifying safety improvement opportunities through greater engagement and better communication.

Leading Safety Conversations techniques equipped Thameslink managers to inclusively ask questions and raise concerns, which in turn created an ‘Involving Culture’ within the organisation. Success of the Leading Safety Conversations initiative on Thameslink demanded engagement and support of individual members of the wider Thameslink Programme team.

An integrated communications strategy was based on use of multiple media in order to achieve wide awareness of the method, generate excitement and embed the approach among the Thameslink team.

We proposed a monthly round up which showed a safety conversation taking place in a humorous way, using animation and illustration.

View an example of the Time2Talk campaign here.

Various Marketing Material for time2talk Campaign

Hitachi Battery Powered Trains

Hitachi Rail introduced one of the world’s first battery fleets in Japan in 2016, building on their innovative bi-mode fleets operating across the UK, and they want to bring this new generation of battery trains to Europe. To support the promotion of these new trains, we were commissioned to create a two-minute animation to explain its new features and benefits.

Hitachi provided us with a script and we storyboarded an engaging film to support the various key business objectives. We wanted to communicate a fluid seamless journey from start to finish in order to highlight how accessible and versatile the trains are. We were also able to acquire the CAD files of the trains to ensure accurate representation of their construction.

Fire Safety Training (VR)

Fire safety legislation places fire safety responsibilities on employers and employees. Everyone has a responsibility to ensure they have regard for the safety of themselves and their colleagues, patients, and visitors.

Fire Safety VR Training is designed to:

  • Promote understanding of the nature of fire and why fires start
  • Educate users on measures to take to prevent fires from starting
  • Help to identify fire-related equipment and signs
  • Demonstrate how to act in the event of fire in the workplace

In partnership with Knights Agency we created 8 interactive modules that take users through simulated workplace settings. The goal of the project is to bring the staff skills training world into VR and provide retentive and engaging learning.

There are many examples of high level clinical training demonstrations utilizing VR in healthcare but following research we found that there is a gap in the market for the technology in the more day to day, and much higher volume, aspects of workforce development.

Airbus Recruitment

The brief was to create a recruitment video for Airbus based on new footage, and existing library footage. It needed to be a dynamic and  energetic piece in order to attract potential employees. Key points for delivery:

  • Talk about how employees at Airbus can make a difference in the world.
  • Show the diversity of the people who are employed at Airbus
  • Talk about exciting projects employees get to work on and the broad range of job titles in the business.

View the video here.

Aeroplane in aircraft hanger surrounded by luggage, includes text on-screen saying teamwork is at the heart of everything we do.
Two people using the Microsoft HoloLens

For further reading see our blogpost How VR And AR Is Transforming The Construction Industry for insights on the business benefits of VR and AR in the construction industry.

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