Pension Explainer Animation


We were commissioned to create an explainer video that illustrates effectively Syngenta’s variable pension offering, and how Syngenta’s employees can get the most out of their pensions. Also to show in the most simple way how the conversion rate affects the receivable pension amount.

Not many people like to think about their pension plan, when dealing with life’s day to day challenges and work-life. However, it’s important to start considering a proper pension plan in time to accumulate enough savings to secure a nice life once the retirement age becomes a reality.

Our Animated Explainer 

In our animated explainer video, the character finds himself surrounded by nature where he can calmly ponder about his financial future and pension investment. He playfully throws a coin into the air which, when falling down onto the ground, becomes the building block for one of the pillars that symbolises the solid pension structure, that Swiss employees can take advantage of.

A still from a 2D animation of a basket of tomatoes on a table in a garden with the text 'So how does it work?' written above

As Syngenta is an agriculture company helping to improve global food security, we decided to visualise the savings and growing pension fund with the harvest of ripe tomatoes filling up a bowl. Establishing the link from finance to growing and nature helps to take the pension topic slightly away from is otherwise very factual sobriety. The animated pension calculation is also set against the background of nature, giving the issue of saving some lightness.

“In the framework of its occupational benefits scheme, the Syngenta Pension Fund insures the employees of Syngenta companies in Switzerland against the financial consequences of old age, disability and death.”

We adapted the characters in the animation from Syngenta’s print assets to give the whole pension marketing material some continuity. View the use here on Syngenta’s website.

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A person holding a coin in a garden
A 2d pillar with tomatoes growing up the pillar with 'Syngenta pension' written at the top
Two People Holding Baskets of Tomatoes with the text 'as a lump sum' Between them