Health & Safety Conversations

The brief

  • To clearly articulate what the Leading Safety Programme is, and what the objectives are.
  • Encourage staff to engage in conversations by giving them incentives to participate.
  • Ensure employees and contractors know about current and past case studies.

What we did

Safety Conversations is about creating a positive environment where employees can openly discuss and discover how to can make ourselves and others safer. It is a means of identifying safety improvement opportunities through greater engagement and better communication.

Leading Safety Conversations techniques equipped Thameslink managers to inclusively ask questions and raise concerns, which in turn created an ‘Involving Culture’ within the organisation. Success of the Leading Safety Conversations initiative on Thameslink demanded engagement and support of individual members of the wider Thameslink Programme team.

An integrated communications strategy was based on use of multiple media in order to achieve wide awareness of the method, generate excitement and embed the approach among the Thameslink team.

We proposed a monthly round up which showed a safety conversation taking place in a humorous way, using animation and illustration.

Taking on board elements of the 7-cultural themes, and the desire as an organisation to be inclusive, we took real conversations from employees and contractors and turned them into funny, but serious message scenarios. The main campaign’s creative was about maintaining engagement and consistency of the theme.

“The Time2Talk initiative has resulted in over 3,000 recorded conversations. That means that people have told us about 3,000 of those conversations and there are 3,000 times where we’ve potentially found issues and fixed them.”

Health & Safety Manager at Network Rail

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