Change Communication

In recent years we have been developing extensive internal corporate communication tools to support communicating change using VR, AR, applications, and animated content. The include animated explainer animations, game-based e-learning, virtual reality, augmented reality, and bespoke application projects. Along with Change Communication, we also create digital materials for:

  • Culture activation
  • Organisational transformation
  • Employee experience

Below are some examples that we have successfully completed for Takeda, a leading global pharmaceutical company with over 50,000 people employed worldwide.

Augmented Reality (AR)

The Hirameki Augmented Reality (AR) app is a simple, effective application, designed to capture and understand Takeda’s Code of Conduct of their corporate philosophy garden through interactive distinctive triggers. The Hirameki AR app can be activated through poster or sticker imagery, ranging from a miniscule to a grand size, thus containing and replicating identical content in an effective way.

The Hirameki AR app integrates a range of different 3D mediums. Consisting with 3D animation indicating to be tapped on, resulting in showing an infographic or video and also presents a 3D infographic whilst hovering in space. These infographic images and video’s explain Takeda’s Code of Conduct in an interesting, interactive manner, highlighting key facts about Takeda’s heritage and also see what Takeda have achieved throughout their lifetime.


It is of the utmost importance to Takeda as a business that every employee behaves ethically and responsibly within their daily work. To help support Takeda in this endeavour we created a HTML5 e-learning module to provide training for their employees, in order for them to onboard them on their new Code of Conduct.

The training is delivered through interactive activities such as drag-and-drop, pathfinding, treasure hunts, and matching pairs, using gamification to make the learning experience fun while allowing for a high level of information retention. Comic strips of real ethical dilemmas faced by employees were also used to align the training with real world scenarios.

User results are tracked and posted via SCORM to their learning profile on Takeda’s learning management system. The module was translated into 20 languages, and rolled out across the company globally.

Animated videos

We produced an engaging animated video to immerse Takeda employees in the Corporate Philosophy Garden. The aim of the video was the illustrate the company’s heritage, key values of Patient, Trust, Reputation and Business, and their strategic roadmap to their Vision 2025.

Each element of the garden has been carefully devised to clearly represent each integral part of Takeda’s Corporate Philosophy. This includes the diverse range of characters acting out the roles they represent. We brought them to life in a way that allowed them to present the key messages of each section.

The video has been in regular use at Takeda since 2016, and has been updated and enhanced as part of ‘Day One’ activities to onboard and inform new employees after a large scale acquisition in early 2019.

2D Animated Scene of a Man Stood By a Sun Dial which Has the words Fairness, Perseverance and Honesty on the Dial
Takeda – Code of Conduct Digital Hub

Sponsored the Ethics & Compliance team, The Code of Conduct Digital Hub, and internal application for Takeda’s (50,000+) employees allows them to experience and immerse themselves in an interactive world where they can learn about Takeda’s Code of Conduct. As such, it is naturally linked to Takeda’s Corporate Philosophy.

The site has a strong and appealing visual style, and uses the Takeda Corporate Philosophy garden’s symbolic waterfalls as a central navigation point for users. Each waterfall represents one of Takeda’s 4 key priorities: Patient, Trust, Reputation, and Business.

The Code of Conduct Digital Hub helps empower and enable employees to familiarise themselves with Takeda’s Code of Conduct, and acts as an interactive guide, introducing elements of the CoC priorities for use in ‘all’ situations. The site is fun, easy to navigate, and continuously kept up to date with new material – encouraging users to return to the site and share content internally with their peers.

For further reading please see How To Create Compelling And Addictive Digital Learning Content. Would you like to know more about how animation and technology can support your employee communication requirements? Please feel free to drop us a line at

2D Animated Scene of a Man Stood By a Sun Dial which Has the words Fairness, Perseverance and Honesty on the Dial
Screenshot of the Takeda Hub 'Stories Connect People' webpage
A 3D Animated River with 4 Stepping Stones with the words. Values, R&D, People and Business Performance on each stone

We create bespoke explainer animations, virtual reality experiences, and e-learning content for effective and engaging communication campaigns.

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