Engaging And Immersive Animation For Regulated Industries

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Game-Changing Technologies for Regulated Industries

We are in the midst of a digital revolution in which immersive technologies are set to replace mobile and computing content as we know it. At the cutting edge of the paradigm shift are animation, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), e-learning modules and animated games designed for educating, discovery and entertainment.

There is little doubt that immersive technologies will revolutionise content and penetrate markets across every industry. The multi-billion-dollar investments and acquisitions by tech giants suggest that these technologies are being readied for commercial purposes. For companies in regulated industries, immersive technologies can have far-reaching benefits; staff training simulators, product development tools, customer interfaces and more.

Benefits of Immersive Technologies:

  • Enhance customer engagement and extend relationships
  • Educate consumers about products and raise brand awareness
  • Facilitate consistency and ensure employees have access to the latest regulations
  • Enhance sensory experiences and improve learning
  • Visualise products in early stages of development
  • Significantly enhance 3D modelling and interact with content
BOSCH AR Used For Business Employee Training, close up of i-pad held over some motor parts with AR information displaying on screen

What We Do:


Animated videos are fun and easy to digest. Whether you’re promoting your brand or products, or developing content for staff training purposes, animation is a powerful tool for communicating and memory recall. And because animation can make light work of complex topics, you virtually have unlimited potential.


Simulated games engage consumers, trainees and staff and enable businesses to conceptualise your business objectives. For training purposes, they can be used to develop skills and attitudes together with decision making. Feedback, repetition and the motivation to succeed makes simulated games an excellent learning and marketing tool.

Virtual Reality

VR technology has graduated from entertainment and ventured into training. The possibility to create virtual spaces that provide end-users with a fully immersive experience gives companies the opportunity to train employees in a safe environment. There are no risks to the individual or the reputation of the business yet costs traditionally associated with staff training can be significantly reduced.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is less immersive than VR but there is a much lower entry barrier which makes it more accessible to consumers. Sliced Bread enhances the user experience by creating innovative solutions that bring products and places to life and provide customers and employees with relevant information that prompts decision making.


Visual content accessed from a central database has proven to be more cost-efficient, helps employees learn quicker and ensures consistency across satellite offices. The majority of students also remember at least 10% more information and provides ever-present access to valuable resources that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

Regulated Industries We Specialise In:


Immersive technologies give pharmaceutical companies the tools to innovate, educate and deliver products with long-term value. These technologies enable you to remove physical restrictions associated with labs and manufacturing together with limitations of existing software programs.


The ubiquity of smartphones enables consumers to manage their finances without the need for traditional banking services. For financial institutions to compete in current markets, upgrading existing consumer-facing technologies with immersive experiences is the only option.


Embracing immersive technologies has huge benefits that cannot be ignored by construction companies. With increased regulatory complexities, growing demand for the use of organic materials and building efficiency, the construction industry cannot afford to ignore immersive technologies.


Immersive technology is an essential tool that can help engineering companies improve projects, increase workforce productivity and collaborative projects, and make huge savings. And that’s just for now! The future of engineering hinges on immersive technologies.

Oxygen, Heat and Fuel Diagram in VR in a office environment

Why Sliced Bread Animation?

The Sliced Bread team is dedicated to producing excellence. With a combination of creative flair and an understanding of regulatory barriers, our design team have the knowledge and experience to create stimulating content that provides numerous benefits. Our advice to companies in regulated industries that are looking to take advantage of immersive technology is to put yourself in the position of the user.

With this in mind, we invite you to participate in a one-day workshop and step into the virtual world so you can experience the power of animation, AR and VR for yourself. It’s also important to understand how your audience will perceive simulations and how they might react to them. For more information about the potential benefits, immersive technologies have for companies in regulated industries, download our free guide, “Immersive Technologies in Regulated Industries: Benefits and Barriers.”

In this guide, you will learn how companies in regulated industries are using immersive technologies, the potential for future development and the potential regulatory barriers you may need to navigate. The earlier you plan for eventualities, the easier it will be to stay ahead of the curve.