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How Can Animation Improve Your Communications?

Visuals cause a faster and stronger emotional response than words. Consequently, animated videos are more engaging and memorable than other forms of communication. It is estimated the average person retains 10% of what they read or hear. This significantly increases to 50% when they watch or see visual images!

It makes sense really. 90% of the information absorbed by the brain is visual. People naturally respond better to images and consequently retain more information. What’s more, visuals prompt memory recall. To generate a response from your work colleagues, animated explainer videos are far more effective than a written memo, email or a team meeting. This is why!

Animated videos are a punchy and powerful medium that enables companies to be more transparent and increase trust among the workforce. Plus much more! Benefits of Animated Communications:

  • Boost engagement
  • Higher communication rates
  • Motivate staff and build trust
  • Increase memory recall
  • Develop and reinforce company culture
  • Improve onboarding strategies
  • Share guidelines and key information

Create Compelling Internal Comms Videos

Internal communications is an essential channel for C-Suite executives to connect with employees. Effective lines of communication help to ensure the workforce is pulling towards a common goal and developing a cohesive company culture. On the flip side, employees feel a sense of belonging and have access to information that can help them make informed decisions that fall in line with the goals of the organisation. As a result, C-Suite executives can expect greater efficiency, higher levels of performance and increased productivity.

A survey conducted by Cisco reveals that 54 per cent of employees expect companies to provide internal communications. When you have an important message to deliver, more people will be inclined to watch an animated video than read an email or memo. What’s more, videos do not take as long for people to absorb the information. And they remember more. Visual content leaves a lasting impression that holds stronger and longer in the mind.

Pro Tip:

When developing a piece of content, your focus should always be on the audience. What do you want them to know and how can you best convey your message to ensure people understand what you want them to know.

5 different icons, a compass for 'New Reality', a arrow in a target for 'Strategy', a jigsaw for 'Customer Needs', a rocket ship for 'Smartlaunch' and a stopwatch for 'Real-time KPI's'

Types of Animated Explainer Videos

Animation is mostly used for explainer videos and bring meaning to messages that may not ordinarily interest many people. You can also use animation to better explain abstract ideas that can be difficult to convey in words.

3D Animated Explainer Videos

3D animation involves bringing objects to life on screen as you would expect to see them in real life. This is the most powerful type of animated video to date and is ideal for training purposes.

2D Animation Videos

Some messages are best delivered through 2D animated characters who are fun to watch no matter how dry the subject matter is (i.e health and safety videos). Because 2D animated videos are less expensive to create than 3D imaging, they are a popular choice for standard internal communications.

Whiteboard Animation Explainer Videos

Whiteboard animation is similar to 2D animation, but the story is told through sketches which appear on the screen in real-time. This type of animated video format is ideal for delivering company news and creating a buzz.

Motion Graphics Explainer Videos

Ideal for onboarding and recruiting, motion graphics explainer videos infuse still graphics with animated features, visual effects and other cinematic techniques. This type of video is easy to execute and help the audience digest complex ideas.

Animated Videos Are Great For:

  • New product line
  • Safety training
  • How-to educational videos
  • Onboarding / Recruitment
  • Company culture videos
  • Internal webinars
  • Latest company news
  • Event announcements
characters on a plane discussing business issues with open laptop and tablet with spies reading the newspaper sitting just behind them

Why Sliced Bread Animation?

We understand the difficulties C-Suite executives face when trying to convey ideas to your workforce. Since starting Sliced Bread Animation in 2002, we have helped countless clients effectively communicate messages that inform, engage, and excite viewers. With the technical skills, a knack for strategic thinking and years of experience creating animated communications, we are confident of producing engaging animated videos that give your internal communications the attention they deserve.

Industries We Have Worked In

Pharmaceutical | Financial Services | Information Technology | Engineering | Construction | Marketing

Want To Know More?

From a professional perspective, we know animation is the most effective way to communicate internal comms in a fun and engaging way. We also appreciate you may have your reservations if animated explainer videos are something new to you. To help answer your questions and build a bigger picture, we have put together a downloadable guide that provides critical insights.

If you haven’t made your mind up whether animated videos is the right option for your internal communications, download your free guide now and discover the 5 ways animation can massively improve your corporate communications.