Empower Your People With An Engaging AR Corporate Training Game Powered By AI

Have you been stuck in team building that feels not only forced, but uninspiring? How about a multiplayer AR corporate training game powered by AI?

Or are you a manager who’s tired of seeing their team turn glassy-eyed and fatigued during leadership training. Well, it’s time to introduce Riley, the main character in our groundbreaking AR multiplayer game that’s designed specifically for businesses and their teams.

Get ready to experience a new kind of team-building that will positively change the way your team communicates, collaborates and works together, with a view to improving team performance and productivity.

Augmented Reality (or AR), is a leading immersive experience  that allows for the overlaying of digital elements in real world settings. Utilising AR for corporate training can provide a real play-anywhere experience for team-building and corporate breakout sessions. You can read more about our AR services here.

Key Gameplay Features

  • Designed for 2 to 4 players, which encourages tight-knit teamwork
  • Requires good communication and cooperation throughout the game
  • An exciting “escape room” style of gameplay that challenges employees to problem solve together
  • Helpful prompts and clues throughout the game to make sure the game is accessible to players of all skill levels
  • Integrates AI to help players get past that tricky puzzle!
A game logo featuring the words 'OFFICE DAYZ' in large relief letters and the phrase 'It's crunch time!' below, with a cartoon explosion graphic behind it. All on top of a cartoon city skyline.

Experience The Future Of Team Building Using AR and AI

Research done by Gallup found that employees that felt like they could communicate clearly within their work were more likely to stay in their position. They also found that employees who had friends at work were better at engaging customers, and brought their workplace 12% higher profits.

Our AR multiplayer app is not just a game; it’s a unique tool to cultivate both teamwork and leadership skills within your business. Let’s look at what makes Office Dayz so unique:

Different Roles, One Team

As a multiplayer co-op game, every player has a different role, each one with different unique abilities and responsibilities. This means the game can’t be completed alone; communication, collaboration and teamwork are essential to be able to complete the game.

Your team will need to work together, listen to each other and discuss the game clearly, therefore working on essential skills needed in the workplace.

Fun Office Setting

Both the story, and the setting of the game are familiar and relatable to a business. Our main character Riley is sent through a loop after their files have been lost just before their big promotion. This familiar setting makes it easy for team members to consider their own communication during high pressure environments, carrying forward their skills from the game, into real workplace scenarios.

Augmented reality game preview featuring animated objects on a numbered grid floor. A cartoon character is walking on a checkered board. Surrounding elements include a file cabinet with folders, a pair of scissors, a gear, a plant, a computer desk with a pink chair, a stack of books with a ribbon, a globe, and a recycling bin with crumpled paper balls.
Interface screen from a game titled 'SELECT YOUR ROLE' with four different player roles. The roles include: manager, communicator, troubleshooter and administrator. A note at the bottom says 'For smaller groups, players will have extra roles.'

Cross-Platform Gameplay

The game can be played on both android and iOS devices, ensuring everyone can participate regardless of their preferred brand. All you need is a newer model of either a phone or a tablet and the AR marker, which can be printed easily, making it simple and accessible to set up and play anywhere.

AR Accessibility

By using AR, the game is easy for anyone to play, unlike many team building exercises, and even unlike some complicated gamified learning such as VR. This means you don’t need any specific software, hardware or even a huge amount of space. With the marker being simple to print and use anywhere, you can play the game in any office just with a table and your colleagues.

Great to Replay

With the solutions to the puzzles being randomly generated each play through and the AI to interact with, each playthrough will be different and unique. And with four distinct player roles, your team can enjoy playing the game multiple times with each playthrough feeling fresh and exciting.

AI Powered Aid

Not an avid player of video games? Or even just worried that you’ll get frustrated at the puzzles and decide to quit? We’ve integrated a friendly, helpful AI that will not only provide prompts and assistance should you need it, but can also chat with you and help to find solutions to the puzzles if you’re struggling.

Close-up of a concerned animated character with a distressed expression, hands raised, sitting on a pink velvet chair. The background is blurred but shows a computer monitor with graphics and a digital face.

Discover the full potential of AR in your Workplace

Office Dayz is tailor made to support collaboration and team-building in your workplace. From enhancing communication skills, aiding with leadership development and improving problem solving capabilities, this AR experience is more than just a fun and engaging game. And don’t forget the AR has an AI component, a useful interactive guide to get you past those tricky puzzles.

If you want to find out more, or have a go at playing this exciting new multi-player AR escape room game, just contact us today. Riley can’t wait to meet you!

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