Whiteboard Explainer Animation: Explaining Business Strategies

Have you ever wished there was an alternative solution for explaining complex business ideas when a Powerpoint presentation or marker pen on a Flipchart don’t quite cut it? Well, there is! Whiteboard animation videos.

Animated whiteboards can be used to educate audiences about your products, company, brand and strategy. You can even use them to explain mergers, acquisitions or organisational changes. The advantage of using whiteboard animation is to create explainer videos that engage viewers, help them to understand the concepts you are discussing, and, more importantly remember the content long after the presentation. Subsequently, whiteboard animations are replacing traditional presentation tools that fall short of captivating audiences and are unable to transfer information in such a dynamic way.

Let’s take a closer look at how whiteboard animation videos work, and how they can bring your presentations to life.

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What is Whiteboard Animation?

A whiteboard animation is basically an explainer video that combines great storytelling with animated characters. They are highly engaging, provide excellent educational value and enable presenters to explain complex ideas in a clear way. The first stage is to create a script. Without a strong script, the advantages of storytelling are dented. The second step is to create animated characters. You may need artistic qualities to nail this. Even in digital animation, there is an element of drawing is involved. However, you don’t have to be a great artist. If you are a good story tell with a strong sense of humour, poorly drawn animation can be used for comedic effect – another great strength animated whiteboards have in winning over the attention of viewers. Having said that, high-quality animation offers a human touch in that it brings digital characters to life.

Humans want to watch human-like characteristics because we can associate and connect with them on an emotional level. Furthermore, you can deliver a full-scale presentation on an animated whiteboard in a fraction of the time it would ordinarily take you. By dramatically reducing timeframes, you can use the extra time to field Q&A’s – or get back to work and do something productive. Not only that, but whiteboard animation videos have a secret superpower; they engage audiences on a subconscious level which generates anticipation. It is this quality that makes animated explainer videos the ideal too for explaining complex topics.

Psychological Effects of Whiteboard Animations

Animated whiteboard videos not only entertain viewers, they have a positive influence on the brain’s capacity to recall the contents once the presentation is over. A study performed by psychologist, Richard Wiseman discovered that when people watch animated films, images solidify the information described by the narrator. The images, of course, draw attention. When presenters also include storytelling techniques in the script, the content is easier to recall in the mind, and remains in the memory for longer. Furthermore, viewers will remember more details. It is believed the brain is able to process 400 billion bits of information per second. Yet the average person will only remember 4 points you make in a presentation. One of the reasons for this is because the conscious mind cannot cope with all the information being processed by the brain. Information is therefore filtered and filed in the subconscious for later use.

Whiteboard animation videos help to unburden the attentional resource of viewers. Images appear one by one and are accompanied with a narrative that clearly explains what it happening until the story unfolds. Therefore, scripts need to be written in a way that enables the storyline to run smoothly. Animated films trigger an area of the brain that is responsible for viewer anticipation, which prompts viewers to guess what will happen next.

Well constructed scripts active “deep processing” whereby information that is received is easier for the memory to recall. It is believed that deep processing is as effective as someone intentionally learning new information by continuously repeating it. It also helps if the narrator has a soothing voice viewers want to listen to. Adding amusing elements can also enhance the learning experience and make the content easier to recall. So, with an interesting, well-structured storyline and high-quality animations, you can create dynamic presentations that have a powerful impact – and leave you with sufficient time to discuss the topic in more depth.

There is a catch however. Animated whiteboard videos are not easy to make if you don’t have a strong script-writing skills. This powerful weapon can backfire on you. To avoid disappointing results, it is advantageous to hire a team of professionals that are adept at producing high-quality whiteboard animation videos.

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