VR Training For Cooks


After winning a competitive pitch, Vancouver Community College (VCC) commissioned us to create a VR Culinary Arts Training experience training their cooks on 5 entry level recipes.

An engaging and retentive learning experience that would bridge the gap between information in a text book, and cooking in a real kitchen. It was also important that the focus of the VR training was on the skills and techniques within each recipe, rather than just being a generic cooking game.

Virtual reality is often aligned with the console gaming world, however its uses and value in training students or employees is often overlooked. Although there are benefits to traditional classroom and text book teaching, technology such as VR is an undeniably useful tool in both the workplace and the classroom. What better way to train the chefs of tomorrow than via VR!

The recipe options in the VR Cooking training, showing Hollandaise Sauce, Potato Gnocchi, Choux Pastry, Scallop Ceviche and Pastry Cream

What we did

Using the recipes from the college syllabus, we worked with a chef from the college to pinpoint what the key learning points of each recipe were for each of the five recipes. Then using videos of the chef cooking each recipe, we storyboarded each one to ensure all of those notes were captured, and would be reflected in the gameplay.

Once the recipes were finalised, we then translated these storyboards into steps in VR. We developed ways in which we could mimic the movements and gestures needed for each recipe, through controls and haptics.

This process also meant distilling the VR environment to ensure the user remained focused on the recipe rather than being distracted by novelty of using VR.

We also implemented steps that could go wrong, such as the Hollandaise Sauce breaking if you combine the butter and water too quickly, or even the Choux Pastry becoming too slack if the eggs are added too fast.

A screengrab from the VR Cooking Training showing the user piping profiteroles and eclairs

To aid the learning, we also developed screens within VR that reinforced important steps through images and interactive metres, such as a balance metre for the flavours in ceviche; we made these to be visual aids so that the students could internalise the lessons within each recipe, and remember them when they cook in real life.

We then paired the in-game UI with voice overs that not only explained each step in VR, but we also worked with the chef to ensure the voiceover also contained any other important information that the students needed to learn, therefore mimicking the learning environment at the college.

two stripes

Our end result was an immersive, fun and educational training experience which guided the user through 5 recipes, then allowed them to test their knowledge with 2 harder difficulties. The chef we worked with was impressed that we captured the important learning points for each recipe, as well as including many of the details and nuances that he’d spoken to us about throughout the development process.

A screengrab from VR Cooking Training showing the user mixing the ingredients in Scallop Ceviche

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A screengrab of the VR Cooking Training showing the label for the White vinegar appearing above the ingredient
A screengrab from the VR Cooking Training showing the user putting profiteroles and eclairs in to the oven
A screengrab of the VR Cooking Training showing the user putting gnocchi dough on to the gnocchi board

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