VR Safety Training

All corporate organisations that rely on any legislation or compliance procedures have a responsibility to effectively train their employees. Virtual Reality (VR) provides a fully immersive experience of real world examples in a training safe environment, so if you need to provide training on essential procedures, creating VR fire safety training, VR construction training or even first aid could be the solution. It can also help facilitate an understanding of product knowledge within the healthcare or engineering sectors.

We have developed a number of VR training projects and our newest one uses the Oculus Quest headset and integrates with any Learning management Systems using xAPI.

VR Training is designed to:

  • Promote an immersive understanding of a real life situation
  • Educate users on measures to take to prevent an incident
  • Demonstrate how to act in the event of an incident
  • Enable easier remote training
  • Simplify complex problems and situations

What we did

In the example project we partnered with Knights Agency to create 8 interactive modules that take users through simulated workplace settings. The goal of the project is to bring the staff skills training world into VR and provide retentive and engaging learning.

We have many examples of high level clinical training demonstrations utilizing VR in healthcare but following research we found that there was also a gap in the market for the technology in the more day to day, and much higher volume, aspects of workforce development.

The benefits of VR learning

Communicate quickly – Virtual reality allows complex messages to be distilled into clear ideas, which is vital for a projects success.

Gain understanding – Virtual reality transforms a message, making it easy to understand and visualise. A complex objective can be broken down into easy to understand and digestible information.

Audience retention – Using virtual reality allows you to make things happen that are outside the realms of reality, therefore making the message as a whole, much more engaging to the viewer.

Versatile – Build once use hundreds times. Virtual reality can easily be adapted and reused to develop other training modules.

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Virtual Reality (VR) offers an opportunity to navigate freely between scenes of a virtual space, as opposed to traditional videos, where the point of view is fixed.

We are already starting to see a wide scope of industries embracing VR technology including medicine, architecture, automotive, real estate, travel and manufacturing among others. Because VR allows users to immerse themselves in artificial environments that feel real to the sensory perceptions, it has multiple functions. The potential is limitless.

Putting VR technology to practical business use provides advantages that have never been available in the past – because the technology is so versatile, you can produce anything your imagination allows you to. Or in other words, whatever environment you need to help your business thrive.

two stripes

“It can be difficult to test for cognitive resilience when subjects have to be the judge of their own ability. There can be multiple factors at play like being unsure of their own limits. The benefits of utilising a virtual scenario test to simulate your response are huge, but one major factor is that we can provide an accurate picture of where a trainee is at in the testing and how well they have responded to the simulated scenarios.”

Professor Rohan Walker,
Hunter Medical Research Institute

We create bespoke explainer animations, virtual reality experiences, and e-learning content for effective and engaging communication campaigns.

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A VR bedroom scene with a bed, bedside table and lamp, armchair and four fire extinguishers with the text 'Some people on site have specific responsibilities during a fire. If the fire alarm sounds at your service, who should do what?'
Oxygen, Heat and Fuel Triangle Diagram over Office Background in VR
3 Options for a Multiple Choice Quiz within a Storage Room in VR: "Fire Warning, Fire Prevention and Fire Safety"