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Animated video explainers are an extremely effective way of communicating your product, or service. In particular they can be fully designed to align with your company or brand, providing a strong brand recognition. UNIQA recognised this as an opportunity to create a series of digital marketing animations as apart of of an omni-channel campaign.

We worked with UNIQA, a central and eastern Europe’s biggest insurance provider to create a series of online animated explainer videos to showacse the various different types of insurances that UNIQA offer. They were mainly broadcast on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and also on the CAT train leading from Vienna central to Vienna’s airport in Schwechat.

Here’s what we were asked to do:

  • To create an ongoing series of adverts explaining the different types of insurance UNIQA offers
  • To illustrate the various insurance packages in a simple, effective and subtly fun way
  • Content to be developed as modular, so that it can ‘broken up’ and be used across a variety of social media channels

What we did

Appealing to the overseas travellers, the explainer animations were used convey a story with a central character but without using any spoken words – or sound. The animations were snappy and clear, and in one example we show that our character never sleeps, not even on holiday!

So far we have animated ads for private insurance, travel insurance and car insurance, each with their own unique animated scenario, with key message used in caption boards, that could be easily swapped around depending on the campaign and channel.

Auf deutsch:

Aus Uniqas einfachen Skizzen entwickelten wir diese noch immer sehr einfache, aber liebenswerte Figur, die den Betrachter in seine Gedanken über kleinere und grössere Gefahren im Alltag hineinzieht – mit einer gewissen Leichtigkeit und Humor, versteht sich. Die handgezeichnete Umsetzung verleiht dem ganzen noch eine zusätzliche persönliche Note. Die Umsetzung dauerte 3 Wochen.

two stripes

After having tried other animation facilities I’m so glad we came across Sliced Bread. They have proven to be a great partner in creating a strong character concept for us that works with our new brand and message across a series of online animations. Sliced Bread was very flexible in their approach and fast in their response to our often changing requirements. It’s great to work with a team so open minded, responsive and reliable.

Christian Siegele – Head of Online Sales
UNIQA Austria Insurance AG

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2D animated Character Worrying About Money and Car Crashes
2D animated Uniqa character sitting inside a plane floating above the clouds