Online Employee E-learning

The brief

The brief was to create a one and a half hour e-learning tool for Risk Advisory called ‘Safe Traveller. Made up of 5 modules, the e-learning tool also needed an evaluation exercise that both enhanced and tested the knowledge that the users acquired.

What we did

Each of the 5 modules incorporates a unique animated style, using After Effects and Maya, animated to a timed final voice-over. The whole course was written by Risk Advisory using their highly respected instructor-led security awareness training. Safe Traveller delivers the essential elements of that training to travellers over the internet or corporate intranet.

User reporting

The course records the progress of each delegate, giving organisations the opportunity to maintain robust and universal security training records. Safe Traveller features a bespoke LMS (Learning Management System), built using PHP, allowing clients to administrate their own employees’ access to the course, and to track their progress and results.

SCORM compliant

The content has also been repurposed for deployment through SCORM-compliant Learning Management Systems, allowing it to be used within existing internal training systems. This also went through rigorous security checks with some of Risk Advisory’s financial clients.

Safe Traveller allows corporate security and HR managers to rapidly and effectively roll out a highly cost effective and engaging travel security training programme across their travelling workforce. The project took just under 3-months to complete.

What is Scenario Training?

People learn quicker through experience. Technology provides an immersive experience in which designers are able to recreate real-life situations and environments. Scenario-based training is, therefore, more engaging, and enhances memory recall. Training programs that are real and relevant to the role expected of employees, therefore it has the potential to bring employees up to speed in less time and for less cost

Further reading

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