Royal Mail – Animation

Royal Mail is a brand operated by the Royal Mail Group plc, a British postal service and courier company that has been around since 1516. Their new product ‘Address Now’ is an address management service to support online and internal business processes with clean, accurate and up to date contact and address information.

The brief

The brief was to create a ninety second explainer animation for the Royal Mail’s AddressNow product. The explainer had to provide an introduction into the features and benefits, along with a three-step ‘how to’.


Explainer animations are a great way to create impact in the minds of consumers and viewers. Videos are an easily consumable form of media, that when combined with animation, can align perfectly with a companies ideals and philosophies through the use of branding and visuals.

For this project, the fact that the Royal Mail had such distinct branding and visuals meant that we could use these in the animation so the video could be used seamlessly within their brand. If you want to find out more about the benefits of explainer animation videos, follow the link here.

“Animation explainer videos enable businesses to penetrate the minds and memories of customers. Visual content is an effective way of selling products, ideas, and philosophies, together with providing customers with a broader understanding of what lies at the heart of your brand.”

What we did

Address Now needed to be introduced to viewers in a way that not only explained how to use the product, but also explained the benefits in a simple and engaging way.

As with all our animation, we began with a storyboard that was approved by the client, once we had this we developed a clean and simple animation that used the Royal Mails distinctive branding.

Further reading

Want to find out more about how we create animations? Follow this link to learn more about what to expect if you worked with us on an explainer animation project.

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A screengrab of the Royal Mail Address Now feature with text above it reading 'Integrate with websites and business systems in 3 easy steps'
Text saying 'And, because the data that powers AddressNow is updated daily, you'll be working with the most accurate contact and address data available, with the text 10 000 daily updates with zeros being recycle icons below
still from the royal mail animation showing a cityscape with the text above reading 'AddressNow Capture, address lookup, capture and validation'