Modulek Explainer Animation


Modulek’s unique timeline process means that they can design, deliver and build your project, and be ready for use in half the time of a traditional build. Modulek approached us to create an explainer animation to visualise and communicate their uniquely fast construction process for innovative building solutions for the education, sports and commercial sectors.

The objective was to produce in an easy to understand and simplified animation, the numerous production processes that are happening simultaneously and inter-dependently with each other and help potential customers understand that Modulek is in fact the fastest and most robust building solutions for their needs.

What we did:

  • We drafted a script that takes the customer from a building dilemma to a required building solution
  • Milestone activities are visualized along a timeline.
  • The building process is outlined in an almost iconic way while we follow the client Modulek experts and builders going about their tasks.
  • The animation uses a mix of 2D pop-up character animation in a 3D space, which aligns the building itself.
  • The clear style combined with gentle warm colours communicates the Modulek’s expert service that is paired with personal guidance throughout the building process.

The animation shows in an easy and comprehensive way how Modulek offers a unique modular building solution that can be delivered extremely fast and cost effectively and how they offer bespoke answers to building challenges often faced in traditional builds, inside and outside.

The video ends on a zoomed out view of the entire production path and timeline, recalling the entire journey from he idea to the constructed building, split into 3 easy to understand time phases.

A still from the Modulek animation showing the entire production process of a Modulek project

“From your initial enquiry with us, our experienced team of construction professionals work with you to design your bespoke building so that you are provided with everything you need to move forward, make your decision, and watch your project come to life through our unique hybrid modular construction process.”

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A still from a 2D animation showing two people talking over the phone
A still from the Modulek animation showing two people with measuring equipment
A still from the Modulek animation showing two people shaking hands in front of a finished building