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About the project – To overhaul the Teachers First (Lengo) Credit smartphone application (Android & iOS)

In 2018 the Teachers First Toolkit was developed as assessment tool for Egyptian teachers. It offers an initial elearning exercise to explain the programme, and then a ‘baseline analysis’ tool which evaluates the users current positioning in their learning and development cycle.

Based on a ‘swamp theory’ process (explained here) it sets out where the user is now, and provides a bespoke action plan to enable users to move into ‘positive behaviour’, such is the objective of that particular project. And finally once all of these element are complete, users have access to a forum for peer-to-peer discussion.

In the first 3-months more than 920,000 users (out of 1,2 million targeted) across 42,000+ schools have completed the Teachers First Toolkit.

This is how Lengo works:

  • Give yourself a learning credit at any time when you have displayed a behaviour or skill.
  • You can also give and get credits by using the QR code or number on your Lengo card.
  • Each Lengo network has an online collaboration space featuring a community area for discussion, sharing ideas, best practice and resources.
  • Give credits to others by scanning their NFC enabled Lengo card. They can also give credits to you.
  • Organisations work together in communities of practice. They use frameworks of behaviours to assess themselves to support improved performance.
  • You’ll need to be online the first time you login to the app. If you use it offline afterwards, your credits are synced the next time you connect.


Lengo learning app screen shots of login page

Teachers First is an app for registered Egyptian teachers, it has been helping to initiate, continue and sustain teacher behavioural change and professional development across 27 governorates through different phases.

As expansion of this we were commissioned to overhaul the Teachers First (Lengo) Credit smartphone application. The existing app was Android only and unsupported with the new Lengo web based application. Our first process was to review the current site and define the full navigation landscape. We then looked at areas of user experience ‘savings’ and designed an application that was robust enough to support a much larger user group, particularly because our build required Android and iOS compatibility.

The method on how to Give & Get credits to others is by scanning others unique QR code or the number on the card or can be located inside the app sidebar in My Card. They can also give credits to the user. The app will be supported for iOS and Android and created to capture QR codes and scan NFC tags, which will record the entry to a users profile.


8 Different screens from the Lengo Teachers training app
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Imagine Education’s Point of LearningTM system, LengoTM, captures learning in real time. It credits learners instantly for demonstrating learning, and it awards credits where learning happens, whenever it happens. In short, it is an immediate form of formative assessment that captures ‘granules’ of learning that illustrate incremental changes in behaviour over time.

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Lengo learning app welcome page teachers first
Lengo learning app welcome page teachers first
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