MATRIXX – Animation Shorts

MATRIXX Software offers Communications Service Provider (CSP) customers an array of solutions designed to transform their business, IT and network operations to meet the demands of today’s data-driven environment. We created a series of short explainer animations to support their marketing activities.

The brief

MATRIXX commissioned a series of 5x 1-minute humorous animations to create a buzz around their software’s new marketing initiative, we worked with the following 5 points:

  • Still think your old systems can handle today’s mobile data challenges? Get in the fast lane with MATRIXX Software.
  • Still using the same old approach for mobile data and getting nowhere? Get real with MATRIXX Software.
  • Still following the crowd with your mobile data strategy? Get ahead with MATRIXX Software.
  • Still using yesterday’s tools for today’s mobile data challenges? See the light with MATRIXX Software.
  • Still trying to turn the volume up on your IN system? Reach new levels of performance with MATRIXX Software.

What we did

Partnering with a leading London digital marketing agency, we worked through our usual process when creating animations, which included creating the style, character design, script editing, storyboarding and finally, the animation production.

For this project we focused on a simplistic traditional animation style, using pops of colour and the character movement to ensure that the ‘gag’ was clearly delivered. The animations were created over a 4-week period and were broadcast on MATRIXX’s YouTube channel and were used in other environments such as conferences and exhibitions.

“Animation explainer videos enable businesses to penetrate the minds and memories of customers. Visual content is an effective way of selling products, ideas, and philosophies, together with providing customers with a broader understanding of what lies at the heart of your brand.

For example, explainer videos that address customer pain points reveal how you provide a solution. Not only is animated illustration capable of enhancing engagement, it increases the potential to reach a global audience.”

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