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The EBRD: An introduction

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) invests in changing lives, working in dozens of countries from the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean to Central and Eastern Europe to Central Asia.

They help businesses flourish. Through their financial investments, business services and involvement in high-level policy dialogue, they are well-placed to promote entrepreneurship and change lives.

How EBRD projects work

Working across dozens of countries and business sectors, the EBRD makes investments that change lives. Using the capital base supplied by the contributions of their shareholders, they invest in projects that meet key criteria and contribute to the concept of ‘transition’.

The brief

When it comes to EBRD, the main issue they were having is that many people didn’t understand how they were able to invest in so many causes, and where the money came from. As the EBRD is a complex organisation, they wanted videos made that could help people understand who they are and what they do, in a concise way that educated the viewers. We were given two main goals for this project:

  • To produce 2 films explaining what the EBRD is and what they do for the launch of their new site
  • To illustrate the information in an entertaining way using characters

What we did

We created 2 videos for the EBRD to explain how they make investments across different countries and business sectors, using the capital base supplied by the contributions of their shareholders. It was important to show that the EBRD invests in projects that meet key criteria and contribute to the concept of ‘transition’, so we used 3D characters and backgrounds to properly illustrate this. Click here to watch the complete films.

For this project we also created a single base character model and rig, and then modelled distinguishing features that could be turned on and off, providing us with lots of different characters at a smaller cost. An example of which you can see below.

Further reading

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We have engaged Sliced Bread for a number of animations, and we have found them to be extremely professional and flexible in delivery. They guided us smoothly through the entire project and created animated products that very effectively inform audiences about our work. We are very happy with the service that Sliced Bread Animation provides.

James Bregman – Principal Manager Online Products
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

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Illustration of man seeing himself in thought bubble pulling a lever to operate a machine
Two Trucks on a One Road from a Factory to the City that Loops
EBRD Explainer Animation, back shot of 3 characters looking up at clipboards with pie charts and a graph