Employee Security Animation

Security is one of those invisible subjects … you only notice it when something goes wrong. It’s also a touchy subject. No one wants to feel vulnerable and unsafe. But we have to face some uncomfortable realities when discussing the important products and services needed to keep us safe, and as we have found in many projects, video is a great way to illustrate these issues.

The brief

  • To create a short 2D animation that raise employee awareness about online safety
  • To educate the workforce about “do’s and dont’s” of the online world to help minimise the chance of falling victim to cyber attacks.

What we did

We produced a video that illustrates the importance of being cautious exchanging certain information online. It shows how some situations can be deceptive by drawing parallels between the real world and the online world – what we share privately can have as much of an impact on safety as sharing valuable business information.

In order to effectively communicate what the right and wrong behaviour is in each situation, we focused on two main characters – Tim and Joy. Joy is internet-savvy and security conscious, while Tim does not think through his actions and the information he shares. Despite the serious subject matter, we managed to keep the animation light-hearted by injecting some humour using these characters.

Connecting the viewer with Tim’s character, allowing them to see him carry out mistakes they may have made in real life, definitely promotes a re-think in how they conduct themselves online.

Using animation and modern technology to communicate in a corporate environment can also prevent any subject matter from turning stale, this article shows how virtual reality and augmented reality are the next step in engaging employees in the workplace.

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“The Information Security initiative ensures we continue to do business to the highest standards of ethics and integrity.”

Corporate Information Security

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