Climate Change AR Game


We worked alongside the Immergency team to create a collaborative game in AR that educates players on climate change policies, and the importance of working together to reduce our carbon emissions as part of a XR competition. Immergency wanted to recreate a virtual ‘escape room’ experience, where the user has to go through a series of puzzles and minigames to reach a goal, which in this case was lowering the CO2 levels before 2050.

What we did

To recreate the AR ‘escape room’ feeling, we created multiple different puzzles and minigames to be solved in a certain order to achieve the goal. As collaboration was an essential aspect to the story told in this game, we used Augmented Reality, as unlike Virtual Reality, AR is something most people can experience as long as they have a smartphone, making it much more accessible. Not only can anyone easily crowd around a phone and figure out puzzles together, but users can also join in on different devices, so more people can get involved. Companies like Apple are developing this collaboration between devices even further, so creating a game that could be developed more in the future was important to us.

To add structure we created ‘tiles’ that acted as our AR markers, but as well as serving different purposes within the game; the first tile was the ‘Town Hall’ where the user can return to after completing the puzzles, the CO2 emissions trajectory graph was projected above the Town Hall throughout the game to create a goal and motivate the user; we then had the ‘Energy Hub’, which is where the user could start the minigames and tasks.

The ‘Energy Hub’ tile contained three different minigames which all related to the use of sustainable energy sources. The prizes for these mini games were climate change policies that, when slotted in the town hall, lowered the CO2 emission levels. One of the minigames was spinning all three turbines fast enough to get a policy, which was not only fun and challenging, but it created a positive reaction from the user, rewarding the user when they spun all three fast enough, and reinforcing the idea that renewable energy is a good thing.

A person playing an AR climate change game

We also added the feature that once all three minigames had been solved, little crowds of people would appear on the tile, you could then push the 2 tiles together and all the people would move over to the Town Hall tile, which then allowed you to implement the policies you had unlocked. The reward of the crowds appearing and moving to the town hall was not only further positive reinforcement for the user, but it also emphasised the fact that we need to make these changes as a group.

The gameplay was fun, engaging and encouraged the user to think about why these policies were so essential, while also creating positive memories for the player, and hopefully encouraging them to think about the real world applications of the game. It was also possible for the user to click on each policy and visit a webpage to find out more about the policy in real life, which strengthened the link between working together and lowering CO2 emissions in the game, and doing the same in real life.

6 hexagons representing different types of climate solutions, with the City Hall and the Energy hexagons filled in with a birds eye view of the respective environment.

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3D model of a town hall with people surrounding it, with 2 spotlights shining out the top of the town hall, with the text 'Completing Hubs increases public support, growing the number of solutions you can put in the City Hall'
Three people standing and sitting around a table playing an AR game together, with the text 'Multiplayer AR Interactive puzzles that require teamwork to solve'
A line graph in AR showing the current CO2 emissions trajectory, then how much it can be lowered, with the text 'Get solutions into place ASAP to maximise their impact before 2050. Every minute is a year!', then next to the graph is the text 'Data based on scientifically validated ranking'