Bowel Cancer Animation

We teamed up with Denhams Digital to create an colonoscopy awareness explainer animation for Bowel Cancer UK that:

  • Takes the fear out of having a colonoscopy
  • Informs about the practical steps before and during the colonoscopy
  • Uses a clear visual style based on the brand to ease the viewers perception

Colonoscopies can be life saving bowel checks but due to their very intimate nature of examination are often avoided being talked about. This taboo tends to bring anxieties for people in need of colonoscopies, and in many cases leads to an avoidance in getting problems checked out before they get worse. Therefore, Bowel Cancer UK started a campaign for colonoscopy awareness that informs and brings light into this matter, easing the anxiety that prevents people from going for a check up.

What we did:

We combined the clear, straightforward and quite factual script, provided by the agency with a light hearted, warm and pleasant sounding voice over that narrates over the animation. Visually we created a patient’s journey that leads the viewer from first feelings of anxiety to the realization that colonoscopies are nothing unusual or anything to be afraid of.

In the medical world colonoscopies are simple routine examinations that can save your life. The animation guides the viewer through the steps that need to be taken in preparation and explains exactly what happens during the examination process. It also conveys that privacy is respected and that the patient is in good and caring hands. We also sprinkled some statistical success figures into the mix to show factual evidence about the effectiveness of this medical procedure, giving the viewer another reason to think positively about this important check up.

BCUK were already using characters in their marketing materials. So, for the animation, we adapted those and turned them from their purely iconographic flat front view use into relatable, movable characters to bring BCUK’s messages to life.

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2d animated people standing in a row with the text 'Thousands of Colonoscopies are carried out in the UK every week'
image of colonoscopy procedure for explainer animation
people eating at a table for an explainer animation