What are the benefits of a Medical (MoA) Mechanism of Action animation?

How Mechanism of Action Can Help You Convince Your Customers

It’s not easy explaining how pharmaceutical drugs or medical devices improve a physiological condition. Putting your customers ‘in the picture’ is part of the challenge manufacturers face when dealing with medical practitioners and healthcare providers.

Visual communication helps healthcare agencies overcome such difficulties. Digital animation tools allow manufacturers to produce visually engaging videos that are educational, informative and entertaining. In recent years, Mechanism of Action (MoA) animation has been helping doctors and healthcare practitioners to understand how treatments work. MoA reveals the biochemical interaction of pharmaceutical drugs produce healing effects.

MoA videos use 3D animation to create visually detailed footage of molecules and cells that vividly show how pharmaceutical drugs and other types of medical equipment can help treat patients. 3D animation has the ability to convey space and depth which enables creators to render the intricate elements of the human body in strong contrasting colours that make highly technical solutions easy to follow.

Even the most complex MoA can be explained using a graphical universe. Not only that, but visual graphics are easy to remember whereby the most essential details are recalled by your audience.


Enhances Attention

Mechanism of Action are proven to capture attention, furnish audience members with a clear explanation and makes the seminar more entertaining. SBA’s company director, Jamie Denham said, “Healthcare marketing is an area where people are not always ready to give their full attention, so animation can make this more appealing.”

Medical animation is proven to be an effective medium for communicating complicated ideas. Because MoA videos use 3D graphics with a directive voiceover, you can tell a compelling story without overwhelming viewers with too much text or talking.

Subsequently, presenters can focus on the most important factors and make it easier for your clients to remember with the key takeaway points in mind.

Deepen Understanding

Explaining a mechanism of disease helps to raise awareness of effective treatments. When medical practitioners understand how molecules and cellular processes are disturbed by diseases, it can help them to gain better insights into how treatments interact with them. Medical animation can reveal the end-to-end process and comprehensively reveal the multistep process of how medicines treat disease. Furthermore, people absorb visual information 60,000 times faster than any other form of media. MoA animated videos subsequently improves their understanding.


Not only that, but when an audience has a deeper understanding of a subject, they are more enthusiastic and confident about the product. And this not only include the audience, but the presenter as well!

Visual Animation Could Help To Heal

Understanding how treatments work will not only help to convince your customers and investors, but will also give medical practitioners tools to help their patients understand how the medical solution will help them recover. 93% of the information processed by the brain is visual, and it is believed that 3D animation can be used as an aid to healing. A study performed by researchers at Harvard Medical School suggests the mind of patients can  treat some conditions as effectively as drugs.

Whilst the “placebo effect” is a contentious topic among medical practitioners, there is a growing body of evidence to support the theory that symptoms do improve in patients that believe the treatment they are receiving is working. 3D animation videos helps to reinforce the belief in the mind’s of patients that believe treatments are working. Psychological studies consistently show that the body responds physiologically to treatments and activates a natural healing mechanism.

Increased Return on Investment

Because of the powerful effect MoA videos has in influencing doctors, shareholders and patients, manufacturers and the medical institutions that use them can realistically earn a better ROI. And so can cured patients. Elucidating the MoA of new drugs can also help to identify which patients are more likely to respond to treatments. Information about cellular structure can be programmed into the software whereby the results can be determined beforehand, or a type of drug can be identified to treat patients.

The high-definition images that can be rendered using 3D animation are much more precise and detailed than any other form of marketing formats. As a result, 3D MoA videos give you more fire power to convince investors, buyers and patients of the benefits they will receive from your products.

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