The value in keeping your internal communication animations short

One question that often arises when discussing using animation video content for internal communications is what exactly is the ideal length for employee engagement?

This is a particularly tricky because it often depends on the amount of information that needs to be shared, and you need to take into consideration that the employees you are communicating with may have limited attention spans or be easily distracted from the message you are attempting to convey. When planning to use animation as a tool for internal communications, the general consensus is that shorter videos are more effective. There are many reasons for this including attention span, detail retention and human behaviour.

Studies have found that the optimum length for a communications piece is between one minute and 90 seconds. 45% of viewers will stop watching a video after 1 minute, 60% will stop after 2 minutes, and 20% will switch off within the first 10 seconds. Because of this, your audience’s attention span is a hugely important to consider when determining how long your internal communications piece should be. The average undivided attention span is around 8 seconds, highlighting the importance of getting your message across early on in the video. 

The majority of viewers will decide whether or not to continue with a video within the first 7 seconds, so grabbing their attention early on using humour or a bold statement is much more likely to engage your audience and convince them to persevere and watch the entirety of the video.

Obviously, the amount of information can hugely influence the length of your video. Animated video is great for high levels of retention, but there are limits on just how much detail can be taken in if a video goes past the 2 minute mark. The long video, heavy with information, is likely to overwhelm the viewer, leading to less learnt takeaways – this defeats the point of an internal communications piece. We would suggest that if you have a lot of information to relay to your employees, consider creating a series of short explainer videos, rather than one long one.

At then end of the day, animated content for internal communications should be brief and informative. You want to engage your audience, and allow them to take away as much new information as possible, so always give thought the length of your video – and don’t overload them with too much content!

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