Sliced Bread …we’re on the move

Finally we can confirm that we are moving out of Covent Garden! After 6 years here it really is time for a refreshing change! We have found an amazing space in Shoreditch which (you’ll be pleased to know) includes a lift! Lots of people have questioned why, so i have written this post to answer just that.

One of the many questions we get asked is ‘is it cheaper’, the answer is not really, its a little more than we are paying now in Covent Garden but considering the rent in CG has gone up 120% (even in this climate), it made it impossible for us to stay without upping our fees . . . and our lease was up for renewal.

When we first opened in October 2002 some of you will remember that our office was in excellent condition, it was newly refurbished and excellent shopfront for any new business. Sure the stairs are a hassle, but the impressive entrance seemed to take away some of that burden. Many of our new clients liked to drop by as they ‘were in the area’.

Sadly much of that has now changed, the impressive entrance is really no more.. and not even a reflection of its former self, now a battered and bruised door that is urgently in need of some t.l.c.! Last year some new owners took over over property (Cap Co), they brought a number of them in the area and have ‘great’ plans for Covent Garden as a whole. Rumour has it they want to turn our office in residential, but that may just be a rumour! The way the office is managed has changed, where simple requests for improvements seem to go unnoticed but rent demands brink on harrasment from the managing agents (even though we have always paid on time).

The Covent Garden business space has changed too, no longer is it really a home for creatives, much more tourists and bigger corporate buinesses . . . the creative ‘hum’ has definately gone. Also, over the past 9 months we have had lots of new opportunities come our way from the Old Street/ Shoreditch area, indeed some of our existing clients are already there.

The new office is awesome, its a new building that was opened in May this year, the interior was designed by the same people that did the (now famous) Shoreditch House, on top of the Tea building. Its 5-10 minutes away from Liverpool Street/ Old Street, surrounded by excellent restaurants, bars and coffee shops. It has an impressive entrance with lots of comfortable meeting rooms, and even a stunning roof terrace!

Why not come over for a cup of tea (or coffee) so we can show you our new home, and some of our recent work while we’re at it? We could sit on a bean bag on the roof if it’s not too frosty, or pop out afterwards for a frothy beer or 2.

We move on the 1st November and look forward to seeing you there!

New address will be:

Sliced Bread Animation Limited, 81 Rivington Street, Shoreditch, EC2A 3AY

New telephone numbers to follow! + Our new website will launch definately be in November too . . .