Sliced Bread Animation

Some of you may or may not know but I run a creative animation company with my partner Christina called Sliced Bread Animation. Based in Covent Garden we create animation for all kinds of media such as, TV commercials, web animation, online games, product visualisation, presentations and mobile phones. Our biggest and most successful project so far is Trona, a 25 part online series for Sony Europe. Here’s what they had to say about us:

After a field of five animation companies was narrowed down to just two, Sliced Bread won the My Sony job. The commissioner, My Sony manager Deborah Womack, chose the Sliced Bread team because she thought “Sliced Bread were exceptional in that they recognize and utilize marketing theory as an essential tool to deliver the best solutions for clients such as Sony. Whereas we would normally arrive at a solution by talking to marketing agencies, Sliced Bread were able to deliver on both our objectives: create a ‘buzz’ around the My Sony membership program and acquire new members. We saw several very well executed creative ideas — and some did allude to ways in which an online animated series could elicit new members. However Sliced Bread went further. They seemed to get inside the Sony brand first to understand what makes people (our customers) tick. They then delivered a proposal that not only suggested excellent creative characterizations and plot lines, but was supported by interesting and forward thinking research.”