Silverlight, oh Silverlight . . .

Last year we started work on our first (web based) Microsoft Silverlight project, with our client Imagine Education, design partner Resolution Creative and .NET developer Sami Sinervä. Called the Innovative Schools Toolkit, development started in May last year and the site took on a number of iterations before going live just before the Christmas break. It very  different to working in (our usual) Flash, we are happy with end result and see great potential for using Silverlight going forward, the way it draws animation seems to be quite slick.

The Innovative Schools Toolkit is an accessible and practical guide for you and your school community to begin the journey of innovation.  It’s intended to be a starting point rather than a complete solution and it offers a process that can be customized based on your unique needs.

The online toolkit is part of Microsoft’s Partners In Learning initiative and the application allows schools to asses their positioning using the multiple choice tool which displays online graphs. The toolkit also plays out video and allows schools access to download documents.