Psyop giving strength to milk

Great news post from Motionographer on Psyop’s awesome Milk commercialfor the California Milk Processor Board and agency Grupo Gallegos. What is it with Milk marketing work that attracts such quality work, first there was Get the Glass and then Got milk and now this lovely rendered and animated piece. Check out the ‘making of movie’ links underneath the image.

This is a study in the art of narrative compression. Each spot feels like fully realized fairy tale—and yet nothing is rushed. From the lush mattes to the tiny dancing mouse at the end of “Sad Princess,” each frame feels like a pitch board packed with detail.

One technical note: Scrub through the snakes-to-hair transformation at the end of “Medusa.” While a cross-disolve might have done the trick, the snakes are actually morphing into hair. Despite not registering on a conscious level, labor-intesive details like that are what separate Psyop from the herd.

Milk – Medusa from Dan Fine on Vimeo.

Making of movies:

Princess’s Ocean:

Ocean Lighting& Rendering:

Wave Rig: