Preloaded launch new Trafalgar Origins game for Channel 4 Education

Following on from their success with 1066 The Game, Preloaded have launched Trafalgar Origins which was also commissioned by Channel 4 Education. Sliced Bread Animation also had a part in this production, creating some of the in-game assets; namely the ships rolling states (including the damaged states plus furled/ unfurled), the sail simulations, explosions and barrel rolls. Jon at Poked Studios partnered on the project to assist with the character design.

The most complex part to our assignment was creating a workflow for the rolling states of ships (sail open, closed, damaged etc.) which had to cover every direction permutation. As a best practice approach, we built all 3 ships as 3D assets and created a toon-like shader to not only keep within the look of the overall design, but also to have better control over the required simulations. We then set-up a Maya’s inherent dynamic system to control the sail shapes.

“Trafalgar Origins is a game commissioned by Channel 4 Education for the Bloody Foreigners season to be broadcast in June 2010, supporting the Hardy Pictures production of Battle of Trafalgar. The game has been created by Preloaded, the same studio responsible for Channel 4’s award-winning game 1066.

“We’ve created an educationally robust, casual game that combines the energy and drama of 19th Century naval warfare with the social context and human history that underpins the Channel 4 season. The history has provided a backdrop for a rich and dramatic gaming experience which will resonate strongly with the target audience.”

Phil Stuart, Creative Director, Preloaded

It is the first game to use Channel 4 Educations new Facebook Connect component.