Philips Sonicare Toothbrush on a Philips 3D WOW monitor

We were recently commissioned by award winning MS&L (Manning Selvage & Lee) to create a 20 second 3D animation piece for the new Philips Sonicare toothbrush. The sequence was designed to give the user a full ‘wow’ experience with the product appearing to come out of the screen via the Philips 3DWOW monitor.

Philips 3D Solutions offers a 42″ autostereoscopic 3D display family, for professional applications, that provides today’s best 3D viewing experiences without glasses. The slanted multi-view lenticular lens technology affords full brightness and full contrast and allows multiple users to view 3D content at the same time, within a large comfort zone. Moreover, a true colour representation is ensured by the lenticular lens technology.

The images below provide an insight into how the monitor works, on the left you will see the beauty image and on the right the z-depth registration. The z-depth dictates how the 3d is read by the monitor through the light and dark gradient. There are lots of variables with the settings (with some basic set-up provided via the Inition website) and therefore some ‘trial and error’ required. The final file is rendered an exported as a .s3d file for use on the monitor .

Updated video clip: