Lost and found – Wall-E not for me…

Here’s the lost post, let me know your thoughts (see also Oscar nominations announced..):

OK so I may not make the greatest of friends when I say what I am about to say… but here it goes anyway – I didn’t think that Pixar’s Wall-E was that great.. certainly to level of acclaim it is getting. Sure the scenes and the character animation was flawless, but a few things didn’t work for me, such as; why did we have ‘real human’ characters at the start (and the President) and then when we went to the spaceship, did we have CG characters? I thought the overall story was weak, sure the love interested between EVE and Wall-E was cuter-than-cute, but the lifeless-ness of the human characters in the over-eating consumer world (and the end resolve) was a lame thread. Also the characterisation of those human characters in CG was too generic – would we all look the same if we were fat?

I think if you compare Wall-E to some of Pixar’s greats like Ratatouille or Toy Story, I didn’t think it was even as good as Cars (which is well documented as having a troubled production), sorry but it really doesn’t fit for me. The thing is, I haven’t read a bad review yet but I have spoken to some people about it and whilst I have been met with initial – ‘Oh its so amazing’ when I challenge my points.. I am equally met with ‘yeah your right it was a bit strange..’. I don’t think this is the downturn of Pixar by any stretch, but it will interesting to see how it copes with the pressure of continuing to turn out fine films (especially as they have Disney to look after now).