Emotive use Oculus Rift and Xbox Kinect to help explore inside a diabetic patient

We recently completed work on an Oculus Rift project called ‘Diabetes Voyager’, working with the award winning healthcare digital agency emotive, our main role was creation of the in-game 3D models, animation and lighting using Maya and Unity.

This emerging technology provides great potential for new approaches to learning and understanding in the corporate event space, and in this particular instance, the management of diabetes.

300 delegates streamed onto the stand to experience the Voyager during the three-day conference, totalling 35 hours of captivating virtual reality existence and a lot of excited queuing.

This technology, realised through a novel combination of the Oculus Rift 360 degree headset and the Xbox Kinect, allowed the user to travel inside the body of a diabetic patient, where they visited the heart, brain and vascular system, and faced key challenges related to diabetes management.

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