Let us explain… animated explainer videos

When it comes to explaining a concept, the first piece of advice anyone would give you is to KISS – Keep It Stupid Simple. The reason being, that anything complex or long winded won’t sink in or be remembered again, easily. Over the past several years, there has been a growing demand to explain company concepts, products, and ideas visually through the medium of an explainer video or animation.

Here at Sliced Bread we have produced a handful of explainer videos for clients and we know what it’s like to conceptualise ideas effectively. Our latest project was for Kuoni Universe, illustrating their breadth of services by filming a whiteboard explainer video. These have been particularly popular as the drawing style adds familiarity and gives an impression that you’re being talked to by a friend.

So what do they do? If you think about an airport, all the signs use simple symbolic imagery. Explainer videos actually use the same concept by using imagery that people already know, but placing them in different contexts to help them digest a new idea. It’s one thing communicating a complex idea face to face, but when it’s over the phone you’re just listening to their voice, and you have to try to build a picture in your head to better understand. If we translate that to video, we’d be looking at a black screen and listening to a lot of voice-over dialogue. This is in no way shape or form compelling to the audience, and only stimulates the listening part of the brain.

For this reason, explainer videos are a lot more effective. By using a winning combination of speech, text and imagery, it stimulates multiple parts of the brain associated with learning, in order to allow better retention of the information being shown. Switch Video, who are renowned for their ‘brain science‘ behind their research explains this further:

When stimulating only the auditory sense, on average people understand and can apply 47% of the material presented vs 82% when both auditory and visual senses are engaged.

So why is this so important for businesses? The key word for online businesses has got to be –  conversion rates. Put simply, their main aim is make a visiting customer become a regular paying customer through the simplest, cheapest means necessary. Explainer videos have a track record of effectively increasing conversion rates. Using one example, Dropbox placed an explainer video on its home page, and it resulted in “$48 million in additional revenue in 2012“* alone!

And no wonder it got people interested! Everyone would much rather watch a video than reading swathes of text, right? In fact, watching a one minute video contains the equivalent information of 1.8 million written words*! YouTube has become an incredibly successful video hosting site, with up to 100 hours of of video being uploaded every minute*. Even social networking sites like Twitter are getting in on the action with around 700 videos shared every minute*.

We’ve also recently created an animatic for the Kickstarter project ‘Serially…’ (click here for more information).

So there you have it! Explainer videos are fast becoming one of the most popular USP tools. Looking back over this blog post though, this might have all been explained a lot quicker and efficiently through video!

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*referenced from Switch Video