Laika set to deliver another treat!

Back in February, Laika announced a new feature film in their pipeline called ‘The Boxtrolls‘. Now firmly in the grasps of production, this is their third project working with Focus Features (their latest being the award-nominated ParaNorman). Here at Sliced Bread, its safe to say that stop-motion animation is always of interest, especially when there are collaborations and developments involving other techniques used in VFX/CGI. Having had great success with ParaNorman, our interest was spiked to see what was next for Laika!

Based on Alan Snow’s fantasy adventure Novel Here Be Monsters, The Boxtrolls is a 3D stop-motion/CG hybrid film about a group of misunderstood monsters who live underground in the town of stuffy, class-obsessed Cheesebridge. These monsters are known for kidnapping the townspeople’s children and their beloved cheeses (though, as the trailer suggests are particularly smelly!). In reality these monsters are really just a mad cap group of loveable misfits who live in the dirtiest of conditions, and scrounge off scrap mechanical junk. The Boxtrolls, alongside the orphaned child they raised – Eggs (yes, his name is Eggs) – are one day found by the nefarious pest exterminator Archibald Snatcher, who is fixated on obliterating their very existence. In a likeness to The Tale of Despereaux, rich girl Winnie feels compelled to help their community and joins them. Will they be able to change the ways of Cheesebridge and have both worlds live in harmony?

Have a look at this teaser trailer they’ve released:

As pointed out by Mashable, the biggest part of this trailer which has stirred mixed reactions is the inclusion of LGBT acceptance. In the trailer, the narrator states that “Sometimes there’s a mother, sometimes there’s a father, sometimes there’s a father and a father, and sometimes both fathers are mothers”. This fits in well with the movie’s slogan ‘Heroes come in all shapes and sizes…even rectangles’. All we can say on this is that it certainly has people interested!

The Boxtrolls is set to be released nationwide on September 26 next year. But until then, have a sneak peek at the feature’s website and try and find those cheeky boxtrolls!

The Boxtrolls