Intern Blog: Introduction

I’m Majda AlMaskati, a 22 year old from the tiny Island of Bahrain. A recent graduate in Multimedia Production from Oxford Brookes University, currently interning at Sliced Bread Animation.

Ever since I was 12, I’ve had a big interest in production. I loved making videos. My camera just had to go everywhere with me, filming all sorts of different stuff, editing them, and sharing them with friends and family.

I was also a Photoshop addict. It was my favorite software to use in my free time. From creating silly graphics to Photoshopping myself in next to Aladdin.

I’ve always been a Disney fanatic, in love with all these different characters. I found it amazing how simple drawings can be brought to life, becoming such lovable characters.That’s how my interest in animation began, and I attempted to create some simple animations myself.

Unfortunately I’m not the best artist. In fact, my drawings are rubbish. Thankfully the computer helps though. With no proper software, I started off creating my drawings in Paint and animating them using the basic Windows editing software – Windows Movie maker.

With such a limited experience in animation, my animation course at Brookes helped a lot. It introduced me to the world of digital 3D animation where I believe I learnt quite a lot despite it being only a 3 month course.

For a chance to further improve my animation skills after graduating, I believed that the perfect way to gain practical experience was through an Internship.