Intern blog: Animation Analysis

Majda Al Maskat on a three month placemnt here at Sliced Bread gives her view on “What is it that really makes an animation attractive?”

I believe that a good animation could be dependent on so many different things that it’s difficult to quite narrow it down on what it is that really makes an animation attractive. It’s not always the quality, it’s not always the level of detail, and it’s not always the story. Looking through different animations online, I tried to really see what it is that makes an animation attractive and enjoyable to watch.

Here are 5 different animations that made my list:

1. Passenger – LifeStory with Dramatic 2d Animation By Elsa Kroese

I believe that one of the most essential parts of any animation, is the emotion it provokes to the audience. An animation could be of the highest quality, but with no emotions to relate to, it would not attract it’s audience.

This simple and short animation really managed to get my attention to watch the whole thing through as it reflects the importance of family. This animation is targeted towards teens who may feel that all they want is freedom, and forget that importance. It is represented by a teen who runs away from home and regrets it. The different emotions shown by it’s main character were wonderfully demonstrated and all the ‘evil’ characters were portrayed very well giving me goosebumps throughout the 5 minutes.

The theme was well chosen, and it was a nice mix between realistic background drawings, and simple cartoon-like characters.


2. A World of Thing [2D animation] Short Movie by Mul Nel

This clip proves that an animation does not necessarily have to be drawn in full detail and perfect drawings to look attractive. I really like the simplicity of this animation, with such simple backgrounds and stick-like figures as characters. Using different shades of only a single color to represent each background gives it a really nice feel to it as well .


3. SWITCH. A short film by Tyson Hesse

This 2 minute animation was interesting to me as it had such a simple story with not much plot in it, yet was still interesting to watch. It shows that you do not necessarily need to have such a complicated story to produce something attractive.

What made it attractive was the detailed facial expressions, reactions, and acting of the main character. It makes you anticipate what will happen next even though it is such a silly story.


4. ‘First Impressions’ 2d animation short film by Edward Williamson

I found this animation actually quite funny. It’s title “First Impressions” was what initially attracted my attention, showing that choosing a good title would make a difference.

It caught my attention because it is relatable. Everyone knows the importance of “First impressions” and I was interested to see how this animation would portray that.

The style of animation also made it interesting to watch, as it had it’s own unique touch to it.
It’s background looks as if it’s a simple outline sketch, having only the two main characters properly drawn and colored.


5. The Blue Umbrella Short Film by Pixar

Obviously Pixar is possibly the leading digital animation studio in the world, but the reason I chose to involve this choice isn’t because of any of it’s famous productions. In fact, it’s one of it’s short animations that usually get played amongst the commercials in the cinema was what really caught my attention and caused me to actually go look it up later on.

“The Blue Umbrella” Short film, is a 4-minute CGI animation that involves nothing other than two umbrellas being the main characters.

These two characters were represented simply by eyeballs, eyebrows, and a mouth on an umbrella.
I found it really fascinating just how much of a story and emotion was portrayed through such simple characters, and that even Pixar itself – the animation giants – did not have to produce something very complicated for it to be attractive to watch.


Based on these choices, I think that what really makes an animation interesting is the level of emotion that it portrays through it’s characters, and how relatable it is to the audience. That means you do not necessarily have to be a professional animator to be able to produce something that people would enjoy.