How To Integrate Employees Back To The Office Post Pandemic

As more people take the coronavirus vaccine, the government is gradually easing lockdown restrictions and employees are tentatively returning to the workplace. Yet the workplace will be different from the one we left. The priority for companies is to ensure health and safety protocols are enforced which may involve a new office design and new technologies.

Employees will most certainly have to adopt new behaviours. This could be met with some resistance among employees that have been disconcerted with how the government has handled the pandemic. Whilst management teams will be responsible for helping employees to adapt, employees will also need to buy into the new-normal. It has to be accepted that people will inevitably take time to acclimatise and even the best-laid plans can be upended in any number of ways.

Integrating employees back to the workplace presents a mammoth challenge. A strong communication strategy will be needed. Moreover, if you’ve got a raft of new protocols and policies, the first few days of your staff returning to the office will be information overload.

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How Animation Improves Communication

Animated videos could provide a solution to several problems management teams are expected to encounter as more employees return to the office. The latest research shows how visuals enhance communication and increase engagement. Animation also helps to accelerate learning, inform, instruct and explain.

Visual content is so powerful because images enable the brain to retain more information yet is less energy-intensive. And who doesn’t love cartoons? When you present people with a rational and sensible reason for why decisions have been made, they are more inclined to accept and embrace the changes. Animated videos also enable people to take in more information in a shorter space of time without feeling overwhelmed.

Bring Your Covid-Safe Workplace To Life

The health and safety of the workforce will be the main priority. A covid-safe workplace will naturally involve behaviours your employees are not accustomed to. What’s more, people expect employers to ensure they can return to work safely. They want to be assured you have taken appropriate measures. They also want to know what to do when they return to the office.

Explaining the new protocols and visualising the layout of the office provides employees with prior insights that may ease concerns. If you’ve reorganised your office plan and implemented a one-way system to enforce social distancing, you can also show people to their desks.

Returning to the office is going to take a shift in mindset. Animated videos can highlight key points such as:

  • Explaining new protocols for sanitising desks, watching hands and the location of hand sanitisers
  • Appropriate social distancing behaviours
  • Number of people allowed in office or space at any one time
  • Guidelines for the use of personal protective equipment
  • Fever checks
  • Quarantine areas and protocols
  • Policy for holding a face-to-face meeting with clients/customers
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Animate Data Security Policy

The coronavirus pandemic has accelerated the adoption of new technologies. Almost 70% of UK companies ramped up their digital transformation during COVID. In almost every case, firms have moved data to the cloud. In the interests of a covid-safe workplace, BYOD (bring your own device) policies have also been introduced.

Remote working and allowing employees to use their own devices invites a higher security risk. Reports reveal cyberattacks soared by 220% during the pandemic. Security specialists have warned how cybercriminals target unsuspecting employees to leverage ransomware attacks and hack private networks. A slew of recent phishing attacks included promising employee bonuses.

Employees are most vulnerable to phishing attacks – malicious code embedded in emails that deposits malware on their device and enables malicious actors to infiltrate your business network. Unless your staff is aware of the threat and, more importantly, how to prevent them, your business could suffer a damaging data breach. Animated videos are an effective way of demonstrating the myriad of techniques malicious actors use. As we’ve suggested before, you convert cybersecurity awareness into a gamified training program that scores people on their performance.

Animation Eases Integration

Animated videos make tedious topics easier to digest – and despite the enormity of employees returning to the workplace, cartoons can help to make the topic less worrying. People are much more open-minded and willing to follow rules when they can see the bigger picture. Enforcing changes won’t wash with everyone, but an animated video could make it easier for management teams to organise and educate their team members.

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