HCL – DSI Animated Explainer

A three minute explainer animation to highlight issues faced by large organisations during the digital transformation process, the film compares those organisations ‘born digital’ (Amazon, Netflix etc). It then explains HCL’s layered approach to resolving issues faced during transformation, through its product ‘Digital System Integration’. The animation process required us to do a half day filming on green screen with HCL’s Steve Cardell, President, Enterprise Services and Diversified Industries, and then we composited the cgi animation on top.

How to transform a Traditional Enterprise into a Digital Enterprise?

HCL’s Digital System Integration (DSI) offering is aimed at helping customers undertake business model transformation through digitalization. DSI helps organisations truly create business value from digital technologies such as analytics, mobile, cloud and collaboration by transforming and innovating both the front office applications and processes and the foundational legacy applications and data landscape powering them.

Digitalization is the complete transformation of a business with the help of new technologies that can help generate revenue and value. It commences with digital assets and capabilities. For business, it means digital products, services, and enhanced customer experiences, conducted through digital channels from the front office all the way through the value chain.

HCL’s Digital Systems Integration solutions and services are an answer to a modern corporation’s dilemma in effectively transforming itself from a legacy driven traditional organization to a digitalized corporation. Our Digital Systems Integration solutions and services enable traditional organizations compete against “born digital” competitors through a strategy called reborn digital™, which analyzes and connects the organization’s legacy systems, assesses its readiness for the digital age, and addresses the challenges through solutions that create a complete digital enterprise.