Explaining a London-based PR agency through animation…

As part of a new business pitch for a prospective client, we assisted a London-based PR agency in developing animation sequences to be inserted into a Prezi presentation. We were provided with 8 concept themes which related to key service offerings and asked to build short, engaging stories around those, that would then work with their end captions and overall RFP requirements.

We devised a plan that would ensure all 8 animations could be completed in very tight timescale. Opting for a 3D animation approach, we rendered with a toon shader and added a subtle ambient occlusion layer to provide some definition.

Our primary requirement was to consider characters that could be flexible enough to be multiplied and ‘dressed’ quickly with simple props. We decided on a ‘rounded blob-like character’ as we thought lots of fun with a dynamic and adaptable approach in the time.