E-learning project examples

We have an extensive history and understanding of e-learning and animation production. We know how important it is to breakdown the requirements and deliver them economically without compromising the quality or objectives We work fast and smart to deliver measurable results on time and on budget, ensuring each client receives exceptional and cost effective creative digital content.

The Risk Advisory Group – Safe Traveller

Each of the 5 modules incorporates a unique animated style, using Flash, After Effects and 3D (Maya). Each of them was animated to a timed final voice-over. The whole course was written by The Risk Advisory Group using their highly respected instructor-led security awareness training. Safe Traveller delivers the essential elements of that training to travellers over the Internet or corporate intranet. The course records the progress of each delegate, giving organisations the opportunity to maintain robust and universal security training records.

Safe Traveller features a bespoke Learning Management System (LMS), built using PHP, allowing clients to administrate their own employees’ access to the course, and to track their progress and results. The content has also been re-purposed for deployment through SCORM-compliant Learning Management Systems, allowing it to be used within existing internal training systems.

Website here: http://www.riskadvisory.net/safe-traveller/trailer.html

Glory Days – Football in times of War

An online experience for a national youth education initiative, for The Commonwealth War Graves Commission. The website is aimed at 10-16 year-olds and football fans of all ages. It combines historical fact and intuitive gameplay to offer users an interactive and engaging experience of being a wartime footballer. Users are steered through the wartime football experience by an animated football manager, who invites user to create their own football players and teams from the First and Second World Wars.

We replicated imagery from these eras to create historically accurate interactive cigarette cards displaying each team and player history. The user can then use their chosen team to play the big match and take part in an interactive penalty shoot out. This is supported by a trivia quiz and Hall of Fame, providing further information about those who fought in the two world wars.

Supported by banner advertising, printed flyers, posters and the distribution of 28,000 DVD’s to schools in UK.

Website here: http://www.cwgc.org/glorydays/

Bausch and Lomb – Academy of Vision Care

In partnership with Replay Learning we have produced several web-based e-learning platforms, the largest of those being the Academy of Vision Care website produced for Bausch & Lomb in 2009 and is about to launch its 2nd phase of HTML5/ CSS3 enhancements in November 2013. This website provides a range of generic education and information for Eyecare Practitioners throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

It was built from the ground up using open source PHP coding. It currently displays in 8 different languages, has 8250 users in 13 countries and handles 1200 unique visitors per month. Users can access education (CET and CPD), set learning preferences and manage an education diary with functionality to upload evidence of external learning. Details of approved CET completed by GOC registrants is processed through the GOC CET scheme by Replay Learning.

From the outset we wanted to keep the website architecture as simple as possible while still incorporating advanced functionality, tracking tools and search friendly structure. Sliced Bread was responsible for the design and build of the site architecture.

We wanted the content to be the main feature of the site. Our design puts the content no more than 2 clicks away from the main landing page and presents the content in an easily understandable format that highlight the top of the page prioritises content based on the user’s profession (Ophthalmologist, Optometrist, Dispensing Optician etc) and what they have viewed before.

The user can set areas of learning priority to further customise the recommendations presented in this section. The website handles a range of content from written articles and audio single and multi-screen streaming video and interactive iApps. It also manages General Optical Council (GOC) approved multiple choice questions which connects directly to the GOC CET Platform awarding education points to the users. The project was delivered within budget in less than 5 months.

Direct link here: http://www.academyofvisioncare.com/uk/en/

General Optical Council (GOC) – CET Platform

After a competitive pitch, we partnered with Replay Learning to develop and implement an interactive, user-friendly IT infrastructure that will support registrants and training providers to meet the requirements of the CET scheme for the General Optical Council. The General Optical Council (GOC) are the regulator for the optical profession in the UK. One of their core functions is to set the standards for the education and training of these professionals through the use of the Continuing Education and Training (CET) scheme.

What we did was build a fully integrated system whereby Registrants will be able to look at their targets for the cycle they are on and track their progress, search and attend events suitable for their CET portfolio as well as being given access to a helpline and email support service for any enquiries they may have. The system also allows providers to submit CET, along with an integrated approval process.

Much of the development was spent planning a better user experience which would enable those using it, to manage their CETs more effectively. This meant taking a considerable amount of time wireframing the journey throughout the site. During this process we used Axure RP Pro to assist us, it is a HTML prototyping software which allows you to build basic functioning website prototypes, which you can then fully test on a browser – it is a quick pre-design process. This really helped our workflow and enabled us to share more accurate visions with the client.

As this site was meant for ease of use, we also made sure that it was responsive in its display. That way users of the site weren’t restricted to doing functions to just their computers, but also on tablets and smartphone devices.

Microsoft Partners in Learning Programme

Working directly with Microsoft and Imagine Education in 2010, the online toolkit is part of Microsoft’s Partners In Learning initiative and the application allows schools to asses their positioning using the multiple choice tool which displays online graphs. The toolkit also plays out video and allows schools access to download documents.


Comms Gym – Sun Microsystems

Built in Flash we created a digital puppet, the trainer, that was animated alongside a pre-recorded voice-over. At the pre-production stage we assembled a library of poses, hand gestures and lip-sync elements. This is a very economic way of being able generate effective animation, as the library elements can be re-used over and over to illustrate the voice-over content. The ‘Comms Gym’ trainer was used as a device at intermittent stages by way of a guide into the main learning screens.

Designed as work-outs, participants are designated ‘circuits’ to complete. This online training for Sun Microsystems was ideal way of raising skills and productivity where team members are scattered geographically or do not all have access to high quality face-to-face training locally.

Emerging technology

Emerging technology provides great potential for new approaches to learning and understanding in the corporate event space, and in this particular instance, the management of diabetes.

We recently completed work on an Oculus Rift project called ‘Diabetes Voyager’, working with the award winning healthcare digital agency emotive, our main role was creation of the in-game 3D models, animation and lighting using Maya and Unity.